Valorant Standings Update

Valorant Standings Update

Valorant Standings Update: In late February Riot Games announced the launch of the Valorant Champions Tour Game Changer program as well as the VCT Game Changers Academy.

The first stop of the tour was this week here in North America. Games started on Monday and ran through Wednesday evening. The initiative was devised to enhance the exposure and representation of women in Valorant Esports.

Women often face discrimination and are subject to stereotypes in the male-dominated Esports arena. The Valorant Devs are hoping through their initiatives in addition to voice comms and chat options that the harassment faced by women Esport athletes can be substantially reduced and in the future, eliminated.

The Valorant producers have been at the forefront of diversifying Esports. Last summer they hosted the “For the Women Summer Showdown” the results were impressive in boosting exposure and growing women’s participation.

The event was such a success that Riot games assisted in helping boost the prize pool and expanding the tournament to make it more available to users. The Game Changers program is a part of that initiative to expand gaming opportunities for women.

Game Changers will consist of two competitive initiatives. The VCT Game Changers Series as well as the VCT Academy. The VCT Game Changers Series will be a set of top-tier competitions with teams qualifying through open regional qualifying events.

In total eight teams will compete in a double-elimination bracket with all games being played as best-of-3 leading up to the grand finals, where two teams battle out to decide the victors in a best-of-5 match. The eight participating teams in the North American tournament were-

The Valorant Game Changers Series also features a VCT Game Changers Academy. The Academy is a program designed to continue the growth of women’s participation in Esports through grassroots movements.

The Academy will feature up-and-coming teams in the VCT circuit and is organized by one of the largest communities within Valorant, the GALORANTs. Tournaments will be played monthly across the globe.

Valorant Champions Tournament Changers Series 1 Results

VCT Game Changers Series 1 for North America was the biggest female-only Esports tournament to date. Since the announcement of the tournament, it has been setting examples that other leagues and gaming communities are taking note of.

Cloud9 White, Dignitas, TSM F, and CLG Red among others are the well-known powerhouses of the Valorant Esports community. All the teams, except TSM F, delivered their best play and moved up ahead from round 1. TSM played so poorly that they were relegated to a lower bracket, this move sent shock waves throughout the community

The grand finale was played on Tuesday, March 30th. Cloud9 White currently sits at the top of the leader board after claiming the title for Series 1.

Cloud9 White-dominated their way through every single opponent they face. In unprecedented fashion, the team went through the bracket without a single loss in any match.

To the winner goes the spoils. C9’s title victory secured them a $20,000 prize and the respect to claim themselves as the best all-female Valorant roster in North America.

It is only a matter of time before other leagues follow suit in promoting female tournaments after the success that Valorant had this past week.

Now that series 1 has concluded, the top two teams in North America will have their eyes set on Reykjavik, Iceland for the second series where they will face international competition. This will be the first international series in Valorant Esports history.


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