VALORANT NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers Playoff Structure and Seedings

NA VCT Stage 2

Starting way back on May 13th, the NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers tournament set out to produce the two best North American teams to compete in this year’s VCT Masters Stage 2 international tournament. After two open qualifiers, ten teams had earned their chance to compete for one of two NA Masters spots. The final two teams of NA VCT Stage 1 Challengers from earlier this year, The Guard and OpTic Gaming, automatically qualified to compete in Stage 2, bringing the number of teams to a total of twelve.

Notably, OpTic Gaming went from losing NA VCT Stage 1 Challengers 3-2 to the Guard, to winning the first international tournament of the year, Masters Stage 1: Reykjavík, (where they beat The Guard 2-1 in the first stage of the playoffs) and the title of “best VALORANT team in the world” until the winner of Masters Stage 2: Copenhagen is crowned.
The ten other teams in the tournament, competing alongside the world’s best VALORANT team and The Guard, are as follows:


Group A (including The Guard)

Ghost Gaming
100 Thieves

Group B (including OpTic Gaming)

FaZe Clan
Evil Geniuses
Luminosity Gaming

The Group Stage


The group stage was a best of three, single round robin format where each team played the other five teams over the course of five weeks. Based on the number of games won, the top four teams from each group moved on to the playoff stage, where they were seeded based on their placement.

From Group A, XSET; Ghost Gaming; 100 Thieves; and NRG won enough matches to beat out TSM (1-4) and the Guard (1-4). With the following records, these four teams will move on to compete in the playoffs.

  1. XSET (4-1)

Week 1: WIN (2-0) vs. Ghost Gaming
Week 2: WIN (2-0) vs. NRG
Week 3: LOSS (0-2) vs. 100 Thieves
Week 4: WIN (2-1) vs. The Guard
Week 5: WIN (2-0) vs. TSM

2. Ghost Gaming (4-1)

Week 1: LOSS (0-2) vs. XSET
Week 2: WIN (2-1) vs. The Guard
Week 3: WIN (2-0) vs. NRG
Week 4: WIN (2-0) vs. TSM
Week 5: WIN (2-0) vs. 100 Thieves

3. 100 Thieves (3-2)

Week 1: WIN (2-0) vs. The Guard
Week 2: LOSS (0-2) vs. TSM
Week 3: WIN (2-0) vs. XSET
Week 4: WIN (2-0) vs. NRG
Week 5: LOSS (0-2) vs. Ghost Gaming

4. NRG (2-3)

Week 1: WIN (2-0) vs. TSM
Week 2: LOSS (0-2) vs. XSET
Week 3: LOSS (0-2) vs. Ghost Gaming
Week 4: LOSS (0-2) vs. 100 Thieves
Week 5: WIN (2-1) vs. The Guard

From Group B, OpTic Gaming; FaZe Clan; Evil Geniuses; and Luminosity Gaming won enough matches to beat out Cloud9 (1-4) and Sentinels (0-5). With the following records, these four teams will move on to compete in the playoffs.

1. OpTic Gaming (4-1)

Week 1: WIN (2-0) vs. FaZe Clan
Week 2: WIN (2-1) vs. Cloud9
Week 3: WIN (2-0) vs. Sentinels
Week 4: LOSS (1-2) vs. Evil Geniuses
Week 5: WIN (2-0) vs. Luminosity Gaming

2. FaZe Clan (3-2)

Week 1: LOSS (0-2) vs. OpTic Gaming
Week 2: LOSS (0-2) vs. Luminosity Gaming
Week 3: WIN (2-0) vs. Cloud9
Week 4: WIN (2-0) vs. Sentinels
Week 5: WIN (2-0) vs. Evil Geniuses

3. Evil Geniuses (3-2)

Week 1: LOSS (0-2) vs. Cloud9
Week 2: WIN (2-0) vs. Sentinels
Week 3: WIN (2-0) vs. Luminosity Gaming
Week 4: WIN (2-1) vs. OpTic Gaming
Week 5: LOSS (0-2) vs. FaZe Clan

4. Luminosity Gaming (3-2)

Week 1: WIN (2-1) vs. Sentinels
Week 2: WIN (2-0) vs. FaZe Clan
Week 3: LOSS (0-2) vs. Evil Geniuses
Week 4: WIN (2-0) vs. Cloud9
Week 5: LOSS (0-2) vs. OpTic Gaming

Playoff Structure and Seeding

Playoffs consist of two brackets: the upper and lower bracket. The upper bracket matches are not elimination, the winner from this point continues in the upper bracket, while the loser is relegated to the lower bracket. In the lower bracket, however, all matches are elimination matches, meaning that the loser’s tournament run ends.

The top teams from each group, XSET and OpTic Gaming, get a bye for their first match and will play the winners of the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. The second and third place teams from the group stage will play against the team from the other group in the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. In other words, the higher seeded team (Ghost Gaming and FaZe Clan) will play against the lower seed from the opposing group (Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves, respectively).

The fourth place teams, however, will only ever play elimination games. Starting from the lower bracket, they will face off against the losers from the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals. If they manage to win, they will continue to play against the losers from the corresponding upper bracket until the Lower Bracket Semi-Finals, where the two lower bracket winners will play one another.

The playoff matches kick off on June 16th, with FaZe Clan vs 100 Thieves. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest news about NA VCT Stage 2 Challengers.


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