Top Five Teams Going into Worlds 2022

Worlds 2022

The first stage of the largest League of Legends tournament of the year, Worlds 2022, is just around the corner. Starting September 29th, 12 of the 24 invited teams will duke it out in the Play-Ins stage for one of four spots in the main event.

These 12 teams are the lowest seeded teams when regional strength is taken into account, and must qualify through Play-ins if they wish to compete against the top teams from around the world. The 12 teams not participating in the Play-Ins have already qualified for the main event through 1st and 2nd place finishes in their respective regions’ league championships.

Although most of the best teams will not be competing in the Play-Ins, here is a look at who the top five teams are going into this weekend.

#5: RNG

As the only team on this list who is competing in the Play-Ins stage, the back-to-back MSI champions have a lot of work cut out for them. Despite coming 4th in the LPL, RNG are one of the most unique teams in the entire world.

While the meta revolves largely around scaling and teamfighting, RNG’s aggressive early game makes them one of the most difficult teams to outlast into the late game. While the three teams ahead of them in the LPL have managed to beat them, the LPL is the strongest league in the world. Top teams from other regions will struggle to beat them if they are not adequately prepared.

Their roster for Worlds remains the same as it was for the LPL Championship:

Top: Breathe
Jungle: Wei
Mid: Xiaohu
ADC: Gala
Support: Ming
Substitute (Support): Bunny

#4. EDward Gaming (EDG)

The defending World Champions have made it back to the World’s stage in hopes of becoming the second ever team to win back-to-back championships. Although they had a rocky Summer Split, they returned to form to upset Victory Five and RNG and secure the LPL’s third seed.

EDG retains the same roster they had when they won Worlds 2021:

Top: Flandre
Jungle: JieJie
Mid: Scout
ADC: Viper
Support: Meiko
Substitute (Jungle): JunJia

#3. Gen.G

Gen.G is the only non-LPL team to make the top five list this year. While Korea’s LCK has long been touted as the best region in the world, the LPL has dominated the world stage over the past five years. Despite this, Gen.G looks to be one of the best teams in the World at the moment.

After losing to T1 in the Spring Playoffs, and watching their LCK rivals reach second place at MSI, Gen.G had a massive chip on their shoulder. When the Summer Split kicked off, Gen.G posted one of the most impressive records the LCK has ever seen. Going 17-1, Gen.G had a nearly flawless record, losing only to T1 in a close 2-1 series.

Despite their loss, Gen.G did not lose tempo. They entered the LCK Summer Playoffs as the top seed and got their glorious revenge over their rivals. In an incredible 3-0 fashion, Gen.G claimed their first ever LCK title and their ADC Ruler earned the LCK MVP award.

Gen.G retains the same roster as the Summer Playoffs going into Worlds 2022.

Top: Doran
Jungle: Peanut
Mid: Chovy
ADC: Ruler
Support: Lehends
Substitute (Jungle): YoungJae

#2. Top Esports

Top Esports has one of the best rosters the LPL has ever seen. As the only team in the tournament with an eight-player lineup, Top Esports is prepared for almost any matchup their opponents will throw at them. Despite having a rather quiet Spring showing, TES flourished in Summer, and claimed the LPL’s second seed at Worlds.

Although they did not win the LPL Championship, their jungler—the current best jungler in the world—Tian, earned himself the LPL MVP award.

TES retains the same roster going into Worlds.

Top: Wayward
Jungle: Tian
Mid: knight
ADC: JackeyLove
Support: Mark
Support: Zhuo
Substitute (Top): Qingtian
Substitute (Jungle): Xiaopeng

#1. JDG

China’s number one team, and the current best team in the world, also has an extensive roster. Although they do not have as many as TES, JDG’s seven-man roster was enough to best TES 3-2 in the LPL Summer Playoffs. Although both of their series against TES were 3-2, JDG is currently 4-0 against TES, but all of their series have gone the distance.

JDG retains the same roster from the Summer Playoffs:

Top: 369
Jungle: Kanavi
Mid: Yagao
ADC: Hope
Support: Missing
Substitute (Top): M1kuya
Substitute (Mid): Yimeng

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