Betting Preview of Top Esports vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas LPL Spring 2023


After a short break because of the Chinese New Year, the LPL spring split is back, and February is packed full of exciting matches in Esports. The LPL is stacked with some of the strongest teams in the world, so you do not want to miss out on the return of the LPL.

February 5th, in week three play, we have Top Esports (TES) vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) going head to head. Their historical record is 7-3 in favor of Top Esports.

Most of their team remains unchanged from their run in the Worlds last year, but they added one of the best mid-laners of all time, Rookie. They surely have to be one of the favorites for the LPL.

This season of LPL is an excellent chance for Rookie and TES to return to Worlds. If the pieces click, we can see a very scary team who will surely be dominant.

TES opened week 2 with a dominant 2-0 victory over Anyone’s Legend, not dropping any games. Rookie looked on the path to recapturing his world’s best form after the first game, but Weibo Gaming (WBG) had different plans.

TheShy dominated the top lane, leading WBG to a 2-1 victory. The series was a back-and-forth, but WBG was able to edge out the final game. Losing to them shouldn’t be a big factor in whether they can beat NIP.

Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP) finally returned to the LPL with a victory over Ultra Prime (UP). However, UP made a questionable call before the second match. Nonetheless, NIP was able to capitalize and won handily 2-0.

Considering they had to fix their roster after losing players, they looked great. UP has not looked good thus far in the LPL, but still a strong victory.

In week 3, NIP came up against Rare Atom (RA), and although they looked good in their first match, NIP could not come out with the victory in this one. As of now, TES has arguably looked better, so how will NIP fare against them?

Top Esports vs. Ninjas In Pyjamas: How Do they Fare Against Each Other?

Head-to-head history favors Top Esports, and especially now, with the addition of Rookie to their roster that managed to make it to worlds, It is even more lopsided towards TES. Although TES lost to WBG, they still made a match out of it and extended the series to three games.

On the other hand, the second match for NIP was not a great showing; it was a step back in many ways from their first game against a team who may not even beat TES or WBG.

TES is the favorite in this match-up; they have a stronger roster overall and more experience in international League play.

TES has also faced stiffer competition so far; WBG is one of the strongest teams in the LCL, and taking them to game three showed that TES is not an easy team to beat, while NIP is still trying to adjust from the big hole in the middle after recent roster changes.

It isn’t out of the question that NIP can win; this match is just an uphill battle for them. Although NIP has strong players like Dream, TES has a stronger roster overall. TES is the safer bet if you are betting on this match, especially after NIP lost Rookie, ppgod, and Karsa.

Prediction: Top Esports will beat Ninjas in Pyjamas.


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