Top 2 Matches of The Week LCS Spring 2022

Top 2 Matches of The Week LCS Spring 2022

Last week yielded some of the most exciting matches of LCS Spring 2022. With Team Liquid and Cloud9 both going 1-1, 100 Thieves securing a playoffs spot, and the fight for the remaining three playoff spots getting more tense, this week had a huge impact on the LCS playoffs picture.

While TL, C9, and now 100T are locked in, the remaining six teams (excluding TSM) still have the opportunity to make the playoffs in the upcoming super week.

Regardless, there are three matches, in particular, this week that drastically changed the dynamic of the split. The updated standings from this week are as follows:

1. Cloud9 (12-3)
2. Team Liquid (11-4)
3. 100 Thieves (10-5)
4. FlyQuest (8-7)
5. Dignitas (7-8)
5. Evil Geniuses (7-8)
5. Golden Guardians (7-8)
8. Counter Logic Gaming (5-10)
9. Immortals (4-11)
9. Team SoloMid (4-11)

LCS Spring 2022 Match One of the Week: EG vs 100T

After a slew of Zeri nerfs hit the rift, the ADC has fallen from perma-ban status and her pick rate has increased dramatically. Eager to finally use Zeri in a match, EG took little time to lock her in against 100 Thieves’ team fight-centric composition.

With Inspired finding first blood onto Abbedagge, EG took a minor gold lead until Vulcan’s bad positioning for vision put Abbedagge back into the game and turned the lead in 100T’s favor. At around the 14-minute mark, Closer found a gank onto jojopyun in the mid lane, further increasing 100T’s lead to around 1100 gold.

Action ceases until nearly 14 minutes later when both teams meet up in the drake pit. 100T, looking to secure dragon soul, are unable to find an entry because of Danny’s poke with Zeri; however, jojopyun finds Closer with his ultimate and the rest of EG engages onto the 100T, including Inspired. Recognizing that EG’s jungler Inspired is preoccupied, Ssumday flashed onto and stole drake, giving 100T cloud soul. 100T used this disruption to completely flip the fight and find a one-for-five trade and baron.

With a 7,000 gold lead, 100T initiated the elder drake with Ssumday split pushing in the top lane. However the 4v4 goes drastically in the favor of EG and they secure elder drake and baron, decreasing 100T’s gold lead to a negligible amount.

Action ceased once more until the 41-minute mark, where another 4v4 erupted over the next elder drake. Once again, Ssumday is split pushing, however, jojopyun is holding him off this time while Impact fights the 4v4. EG finds themselves in a one-for-three trade, leaving only Abbedagge alive. Thinking on his feet, Abbedagge uses Twisted Fate’s ultimate to teleport onto it the EG-contested drake and steal it with Ultimate Spellbook Smite.

With a 2000 gold lead and baron buff, 100T found a team fight in the mid lane, narrowly trading one-for-five. With death timers too high to contest, 100T ran it down mid and destroyed EG’s nexus, ending the game 16-10 in 48:26.

LCS Spring 2022 Match Two of the Week: C9 vs. TSM

With both casters teasing TSM about the impossibility of a victory, the worst team in the LCS put on quite a spectacular demonstration of the “caster curse.” Going into the matchup, C9 sat atop the LCS with an 11-2 record. Their opponents, on the other hand, sat completely opposite to them, holding down the leaderboard with a pitiful 2-11 record. With their head coach being fired and the starting roster adjusted just last week, TSM were in shambles. It seemed impossible for a TSM victory. Cloud9, for obvious reasons, were the heavy favorite to win the matchup and extend their lead; however, it wouldn’t be an LCS split without an insane upset.

The match started as everyone expected. Cloud9 struck first blood at just under five minutes, giving Blaber a lead in the jungle. While TSM were quick to respond with a kill onto Summit, C9 were even quicker to find a three-for-none trade. Just minutes later, a team fight in the topside jungle ends with an even trade for both teams and a scoreline of 5-2. Despite the kill difference, gold was nearly tied with C9 having a negligible lead.

Action ceases until around the 16-minute mark where Huni and Spica find a kill onto Fudge in the bot lane. The gold lane shifts to TSM as they manage to secure their second drake and find another pick: this time onto Winsome in the bot side jungle. With the scoreline now tied, TSM had a hefty 1700 gold lead that increased even more with a kill onto an overextended Summit under their bot lane tower.

With drake point to spawn soon, both teams rally in the bot side river for vision control. A team fight erupts after C9 initiates onto Huni. Unable to burst him down quick enough, the remainder of TSM have enough time to engage and dismantle C9, trading two-for-five. With no opponents alive to contest, TSM secured soul point and extended their gold lead to over 4000. Using this momentum, they transitioned over to Baron, where a team fight erupts yet again. This time, C9 is able to steal the objective, but not without trading three of their lives for it.

With the scoreline at 14-8, TSM found another kill, this time onto Blaber in the bot side jungle. With the enemy jungler now down, TSM has priority on ocean soul. Unwilling to give up the drake for free, C9 initiates a fight and manages to find a kill onto Shenyi, but loses three of their own in the process. With a man disadvantage, C9 cannot reengage and TSM secures ocean soul.

With a 5000+ gold lead, TSM found a one-for-one trade onto Fudge in the top lane. Minutes later, they manage to grab Baron without C9 seeing them and take a team fight in C9’s base with a nearly 8500 gold lead. Unsurprisingly, TSM are able to pick off C9 one-by-one and claim this split’s craziest upset victory 22-11 in 35:32.

While this week boasted the most exciting matchups of the split so far, next week is far and away the most important. With the split coming to a close in the second super week, the remaining three playoff spots are heavily contested. With every remaining team (except TSM) still eligible for playoffs, the outcome of next week’s matchups will dictate who will join TL, C9, and 100T in the spring playoffs. Tune in next week for the super week highlights and playoff information.



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