Top 10 DUO SHOWDOWN Brawlers in Brawl Stars

Top 10 DUO SHOWDOWN Brawlers in Brawl Stars

I personally have always been a fan of duo showdown in Brawl Stars. The fact that you can respawn and you’re completely invulnerable for around 3 seconds can make some crazy plays. With that being said, I will list the top 10 duo showdown brawlers in Brawl Stars currently.

This list will mainly take into account trophy ranges 500-800, which is where all of my brawlers currently stand. Also, the map rotation changes every day, so there are certain brawlers better on certain maps. This is an overall list. Duo showdown is a lot of fun, and if you play with the right brawlers, you can definitely earn lots of trophies!

Brawlers You Can Always Rely On Because of Their Teamwork (6-10)

10. Surge: Surge is an amazing showdown brawler overall and can put in work in duos. Once Surge builds up his super to get the range, he may be the single best brawler in the game. Plus, when he hits his opponents, his bullets will ricochet and potentially hit another brawler. Surge is a beast in duo showdown.

9. Colonel Ruffs: Colonel Ruffs is also very good in duos mainly because of his star power that adds 30 health to his teammate per second. If you’re able to stick next to each other the entire game, your health will increase substantially with this star power. Ruffs also has his super that gives his teammate a boost in health and damage. Such a menace in duo showdown!

8. Byron: Byron is so valuable in any team mode, and it is no different in duo showdown. His shot ability to heal his teammate for an insane amount of damage allows his team to do work. Byron is such a great hybrid brawler and has all of the mechanics to destroy opposing teams.

7. Gene: Gene does a fantastic job of chipping down opponents, not allowing them to heal. His split shot can tag brawlers from deep range, which is amazing in duos. Also, his super can pull a brawler into Gene’s teammate, which basically confirms a kill. Also, his star power can heal his teammate for 400 per second. Gene is so good in duos.

6. Max: Max is a great brawler because her super can make any brawler better at any time. The speed allows for dodging abilities and also being able to run away or push into teams. Max’s damage is consistent, and she is so versatile on every map.

Brawlers That Destroy In Duo Showdown (1-5)

5. Belle: Belle has been absolutely incredible even since she’s been released. Her mechanic that bounces shots between each other is so deadly and can destroy opposing duos. She has one of the longest ranges in the game. And she is able to snipe opponents across the map for a crazy amount of damage.

4. Stu: Stu is so amazing because of his ability to super out in any situation. He can get one hit and then dash towards or away from a brawler and is extremely mobile. Stu dominates against duos because he is able to kill one brawler, escape, kill, escape, etc.

3. Edgar: Edgar has been a showdown MONSTER ever since he was released. He can jump on almost any brawler and destroy them with his serious damage and healing ability. Edgar’s gadget allows him to get his super so quick and continue to jump on opponents to gain power cubes. Edgar is amazing in duo showdown and is so devastating with his damage.

2. Crow: Crow is second on this list because of his annoying mechanics. He can toxin his opponents and stop their ability to heal, which is fantastic in duo showdown. His gadget Slowing Toxin is able to slow opponents for 5 seconds which is also completely broken. Crow also has the game-changing super where he can escape or play aggressively any time.

1. Leon: Leon has been strong in the showdown meta for so long. His ability to go invisible and sneak attack on anyone will give his team an extra boost in power cubes every time. He has enough range to chip brawlers down as well, which is important in duos. His gadget is great for scouting, and both star powers are extremely viable in duo showdown.


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