Top 10 Brawlers in Power League EVER

Top 10 Brawlers in Power League EVER

This list includes the brawlers that have been consistently good in Brawl Stars game mode “Power League” since its release. They are always the consistent picks in Power League and have been going strong for three straight seasons. I will rank the top 10 brawlers in Power League Ever down below!

The Tenth to the Sixth Best Brawlers for Power League

10. Rico: I have seen Rico played in Power League all the time, and I don’t seem to see why. One of the reasons I believe he is picked all the time is because he is such a high-skill brawler. The damage he outputs with his bouncy shots is unbelievable, and in the hands of a good Rico, he is so dominant down the lane. His best game modes are Brawl Ball and Heist.

9. Barley: Barley seems to always be a great pick in Power League because of his ability to counter almost any brawler he goes against. He is usually taken as the 5th or 6th pick because both of his gadgets and star powers are so versatile. His area control is crucial in Power League, allowing him to dominate. Like Rico, his best game modes are Brawl Ball and Heist.

8. Max: Max is always drafted in Power League because she is a user-friendly brawler. Her super gives her teammates speed, which is game-changing in any team setting. Max also has a great gadget and consistent star powers that have made her a consistent pick in Power League. Her best game-modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

7. Amber: Amber has always been near the top 15 brawlers in the game, mainly because of her auto-aim mechanic. When someone doesn’t know who to pick in Power League, they usually take Amber. Her damage and area control are perfect in a 3 vs 3 setting, and it makes her such a great pick. Her best game modes are Heist and Hot Zone.

6. Tara: Tara seems to always find a way to be picked in Power League and is one of my personal favorites. Her super is just extremely useful and can save a game at any moment. Her gadget also counters the single-shot brawlers and gives off great pressure. Tara is so dominant and is a consistent pick everywhere. Her best game modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

The First to Fifth Brawlers That Are Amazing in Power League

5. Tick: Tick is one of the most annoying brawlers in the game, which is why I think he is picked quite often. He has terrific area control and has a gadget and star power that allows him to stay alive for sooo long. Tick has been in the top 20 brawlers for a long time and hasn’t been bad for quite a while. Tick’s best game modes are Hot Zone and Bounty.

4. Gene: Gene is such a powerful brawler and might have the highest pick rate in all of Power League. He has been a near top 5 brawler for at least 3 or 4 months and seems to have very few weaknesses. His super is also game-changing and can be cycled very quickly. His star power is also perfect in team modes. Gene’s best game modes are Brawl Ball and Gem Grab.

3. Sandy: Sandy is such a beast in every game mode and is always picked in Power League. I feel like Sandy is super easy to play and has a wall-peak mechanic that makes him counter many brawlers. Sandy’s super is perfect in all game modes, and he is the third-best brawler in Power League. His best game modes are Seige and Brawl Ball.

2. Belle: These top 2 brawlers have been running Brawl Stars since the release of Power League almost 5 months ago. Belle just has a perfect kit for all game modes, and she has enough damage to counter almost all brawlers. Belle is such a solid brawler and needs another nerf. Her best game-modes are Gem Grab and Seige.

1. Stu: The best brawler in all of Power League is certainly Stu. Stu hasn’t been outside of the top 10 brawlers since his release, which also happened to be the release of Power League. Stu has little to no counters because of his dash away and has been destroying opposing comps. His best game modes are Brawl Ball and Hot Zone but is usable in every game mode.

Final Thoughts

All of these brawlers either are super easy to play or have a high-skill cap that can be uncounterable with the right player. Almost all of these brawlers have great supers, which seems to be important for Power League. This list also means that each and every one of these brawlers have been good for at least 5 months and probably needs a nerf of some kind.


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