Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (Sep 21)

Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (Sep 21)

Ranking The Top 10 Brawlers Of the September 2021 Meta

Brawl Stars is a game where the characters change how good they are all the time. The balance changes keep the game so fresh and are a big part of why I continue to play. This meta has changed a good amount, with the likes of El Primo and Gene getting nerfed hard. Read below to check out my top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (Sep 21).

Brawlers 6-10 Who Are Dominant Everywhere

10. Ashe: I’ll place Ashe on this list just because all of the pros insist that he’s broken everywhere. I personally think that Ashe is in the middle of the road for this list because his rage is too difficult to maintain. When paired with a healer, Ashe truly is one of the most dominant brawlers in the game. But when he isn’t, he is very underwhelming and struggles to keep up.

9. Leon: Leon has been insane for the past few months, mainly because of his gadget Lollipop Drop. The pressure and invisibility that he provides while that gadget is in play is extremely powerful and is in need of a nerf. Overall, Leon’s been getting better and better in every update with his insane damage and sneaky super.

8. Sandy: Sandy is Mr. Consistent in Brawl Stars. It’s been at least a year that he has been featured on these lists. Sandy got a small nerf to his gadget that makes the opponents sleep, but not one that completely takes him out of the top 10. Cycle Sandy supers and use the gadgets effectively, and you will destroy the enemies with him.

7. Byron: Byron is an interesting brawler in these rankings. He hasn’t had any balance changes for months but ended up sliding into the top 10 and being viable in every mode. Byron basically took Gene’s place in the meta and is amazing when paired with tanky brawlers. Byron has always had a great kit, and he just needed the right nerfs to the right brawlers to be good.

6. Mortis: Mortis has climbed from the bottom half of the brawlers all the way to the 6th spot. The change to the star power Coiled Snake was the change that made him overpowered, and he basically has two star powers at all times. Mortis will for sure get a nerf to Creepy Harvest next balance changes, but push him while he’s dominating!

The “B” Brawlers That Are Breaking Brawl Stars (1-5)

5. Pam: Pam has and always will be one of the most underrated brawlers in Brawl Stars. She has a gadget and star power combination that is so so lethal and unexpected that enemies never see it coming. Pam’s damage can be inconsistent at times, but she still has enough to counter almost every brawler in the game.

4. Brock: Brock is another beneficiary of the latest balance changes and his damage buff. A few weeks ago, he needed an emergency nerf because of how broken he was, but he has still maintained his spot in the meta. Brock’s rocket fuel gadget is amazing and has always been one of the best in the game. Push Brock while he’s at the top.

3. Stu: Stu stays atop the rankings, even after Supercell made a few big changes. He still has crazy mobility and damage, which is why I think he continues to destroy competitions. He definitely isn’t as broken as he was a few months ago, but he still counters almost every brawler in the game and is the 3rd best brawler in the game.

2. Buzz: I’m glad Buzz is getting the recognition he deserves from the community because he has been underrated since his release. The mechanic of him being able to stun, kill, stun, kill, repeat makes him overpowered to the max, and players finally realize how good he is. Buzz is super fun to play and can change the course of the game with his stuns.

1. Belle: Belle continues to be the best brawler in the game, and it’s not very close. In almost every map and mode, Belle is the most dominant brawler. She has the perfect kit with great damage, long-range, and good health. She will most certainly get a nerf soon, and it is well-deserved after she has shredded through the meta for months.

5 Honorable Mentions For the Top 10







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