Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (May)

Ranking The Top 10 Brawlers Halfway Through May

Amazing Brawlers That Are Dominating This Meta (6-10)

10. Tick: Tick is by far the most annoying brawler in the game. Since his mechanic was changed to where his mines spread out even further every shot, his control of every map is devastating to enemy teams. Tick has a great gadget in Last Hurrah that can keep him alive at any time. The tick head is running wild in this meta

9. Gene: Gene has been tearing up teams ever since he got a damage buff last update. Gene has been able to be a versatile pick in any comp your team chooses. He is able to counter any brawler with his pulling ability and is just a solid pick in Brawl Stars.

8. 8-Bit: 8-Bit, like Sandy, has been very consistent in the meta for a long time now. His Plugged-in Star Power allows him to be the best brawler in Brawl Stars with the extra speed it provides. 8-bits damage is the best thing about him, so he is crazy good in every game mode right now.

7. Crow: Crow is finally insane! Crow leaped his way into 7th on this list after many, many buffs. Right now, his best feature has been the slowing toxin gadget that can slow his enemies down for 5 full seconds. He has been so good in Showdown and is now a beast in 3 vs. 3. Crow is so difficult to face and is a great brawler in this meta.

6. Sandy: Sandy has been in the meta for the past few months and has been an extremely consistent brawler. His super is so game-changing, and a good Sandy will cycle it over and over so that your teammates are invisible almost the whole game. Sandy is a great brawler.

Broken and Insane Brawlers Who Can’t Be Stopped (1-5)

5. Max: Max is currently the best brawler in brawl ball right now because of his super. Her super gives teammates the speed boost to zip past brawlers and create so many great plays. Max’s damage is also great, and she is such a versatile brawler that can destroy anyone.

4. Poco: Poco right now is one of the most annoying brawlers in the game. It’s next to impossible to take him down because he gets his super after hitting 4 shots in the most recent balance changes. Poco is such a good healing brawler and can be used in any combination of brawlers.

3. Stu: Stu is still a top 3 brawler even after his nerf. His mechanics that knock-back brawlers with his super is so strong. He is able to deal with any types of brawlers in this meta and is viable in any game mode, which makes him top 3 on this list.

2. Barley: Barley has been throwing bottles everywhere ever since his most recent buff. He has almost become a mini sniper as a thrower because of his 9% increase in range. Barley’s damage is also incredible against the aggressive brawlers because of the Extra Noxious Star Power.

1. Belle: Belle is by far the best brawler in the game right now. She can snipe anyone from across the entire map, making it extremely difficult to dodge her shots. Also, her mechanic that bounces shots between targets is an amazing feature for her.

5 Honorable Mentions For the Top 10:

Colonel Ruffs

Information About New Brawler Squeak!

Squeak has finally been released in training camp, and he seems to be such a fun and strong brawler to play. His release date has been bumped up to Thursday, May 20th. Save your resources so you can pull him as soon as possible. Squeak will probably be a top 5 brawler the day that he releases!


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