Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (August)

Top 10 Brawlers in Brawl Stars (August)

Ranking The Top 10 Brawlers At the Beginning of August

I will go ahead and rank these brawlers on how good they are in every single game made, and yes, including Showdown. This meta has been full of tanks and broken gadgets, which has been something new for us Brawl Stars players. Continue reading to see my opinion on the top 10 brawlers in Brawl Stars (August).

Brawlers That You Can’t Go Wrong With (6-10)

10. Griff: I’ll go ahead and get Griff into the top 10, as he is the most recent brawler to hit Brawl Stars. It’s tough to place him in this type of ranking because he is so new, but I think that he is good enough to be in the top 10. Griff’s damage output is incredibly strong, and he melts anything close to mid-range. Also, his super is one of the most deadly supers in the game.

9. Crow: Crow remains a great brawler in this game, mainly due to his gadget Slowing Toxin. The five-second slow is so strong, and he just chips opposing brawlers down when he uses it. Crow also has two great star powers that are interchangeable. I enjoy Crow a lot, even though his mechanics are annoying. I’m not complaining about Crow being a top 10 brawler.

8. Tara: Tara has been a great pick for the past few months, also due to her gadget that spawns three mini Tara’s with 1,000 health that each do damage. Everyone knows that she has one of the most devastating supers in the game, and she can chain them so easily. Tara has great damage output and doesn’t have many counters, which makes her so strong.

7. Rico: Rico is such a beast right now. His new gadget that was released is so broken, basically allowing him to go right back to full HP bouncing his shots. The maps that are in the rotation for Brawl Stars also agree with Rico’s playstyle because he is able to bounce his bullets everywhere against the walls. Rico also wrecks tanks, which bodes well for him in this meta.

6. Emz: Emz is a fellow tank destroyer herself. She has some of the most underrated damage output in the game, meaning she can kill brawlers in a matter of seconds when she is in the right range. Her gadget gives her great defense, and star powers allow for versatility. Emz has it all in this meta, which is why she slots in at #6 on this list.

Brawlers That Are Destroying In This Meta (1-5)

5. Sandy: Starting off the destroyers of this meta, we have Sandy, who is Mr. Consistent. Sandy also seems to fit into these top 10 lists because he has very few counters. In addition, his newest gadget is an absolute game-changer. It is basically a stun for 1.5 seconds that gives him time to get ahead of his opponents in any game mode. Sandy is insane right now.

4. Gene: Gene is another brawler who always cracks the top 10. His game-altering super is still super strong, especially when paired with tanks and high-damage brawlers. Gene’s star power that gives off 400 health when teammates are in proximity of him is also a great aspect of him. He just has a great kit that can destroy any opposing brawler in the game.

3. El Primo: El Primo has been an absolute maniac ever since the last balance changes. He has the best super out of the four tanks that got buffed, which is why he is the best out of them. The ability to chain supers with El Primo is so, so broken and makes him indestructible in close-range combat. El Primo is a monster in this meta.

2. Belle: Belle ranks in at #2 in all of Brawl Stars, which is where she has floated around ever since her release. Belle seems to have no weaknesses. The great range, damage output, solid gadget, useful star power, and decent HP make Belle a destroyer in every mode and team composition. Use Belle before she gets nerfed!

1. Stu: The best brawler in the game is nobody other than the stunt man himself, Stu. Stu has been a crazy insane brawler for some time now, and he even got a second broken gadget a few weeks ago. Stu’s star power that gives him 500 health every time he uses his super is such an amazing ability, as well as his free super that breaks through walls. Stu is a broken brawler.

5 Honorable Mentions For the Top 10:



Colonel Ruffs




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