TSM Hits the Panic Button Again, Engages in Third Roster Rebuild of the Year

Third Roster Rebuild
Third Roster Rebuild

TSM are rebuilding their roster for the third time this year. Read more about their latest roster update here.

TSM Hits the Panic Button Again, Engages in Third Roster Rebuild of the Year

TSM has done it again. For the third roster rebuild this year, and the first this split, TSM are engaging in another drastic roster rebuild. This time around, only one player from the original (Summer 2021) roster remains on the active roster. While Huni and Spica were the longest standing members prior to this week’s rebuild, only the star jungler remains on TSM’s latest LCS roster update.

What Remains of the Previous TSM Roster

The core of this new TSM roster is centered around Spica and Maple. Spica, the now longest standing member of the active TSM roster, joined the organization in 2019. Assigned to TSM Academy in April, Spica quickly rose up the ranks and joined the starting LCS lineup for the last two games of the summer split.

Earning Player of the Game for his first ever matchup, Spica gained the admiration of many fans and has retained his spot on the starting roster ever since.

Now widely recognized as the “franchise player” of TSM, Spica has become synonymous with TSM League of Legends and has been a large part of their success since 2019. Awarded the Most Valuable Player award for the 2021 Summer Split, Spica is one of the best junglers in the LCS, and TSM’s most valuable LCS asset.

Maple, on the other hand, is still in his very first split with TSM. Best known for his international prowess on Flash Wolves in the LMS (now the PCS: Pacific Championship Series) and PSG Talon, Maple has a history of being one of the most elite minor region mid laners at international tournaments. Although his most recent performances in the LPL as a member of Anyone’s Legend were lackluster, his performance in the LCS has been exceptional.

Although TSM currently sits at a 2-5 record, Maple and Spica have been the top performers for their team, and are evidently some of the best players in their respective roles in the LCS. While both Maple and Spica have proven to be integral parts of TSM’s few successes, TSM’s long-tenured top laner Huni is no longer part of the starting lineup.

Despite being known for their cutthroat, must-win mentality that leads them to cut many players, TSM has publicly stated Huni’s performance for TSM was not the reason for his removal, yet they still moved forward with the third roster rebuild.

Huni, like Spica, is synonymous with the recent history of TSM. His absence in the starting lineup, however, is not a performance-based roster move. According to TSM’s official statement on Twitter, Huni may be retiring from professional League of Legends due to a series of prominent and “recurring wrist injuries.”

While the post is not announcing his retirement and he has not officially retired or made any statements pertaining to his career, it does state that he has “decided to step down from the starting top lane position” and “will stay on TSM FTX while he continues to evaluate his future.”


What Does the New TSM Roster Look Like?

The third roster rebuild lineup at the start of the summer split consisted of Huni, Spica, Maple, Tactical, and Mia. While that lineup—the second iteration of TSM’s 2022 roster—has been largely unsuccessful at winning, they have shown moments of serious promise and are by no means “bad.”

While their record may indicate otherwise, they have serious potential moving forward. TSM, however, is not known to be particularly patient or interested in development. Their aforementioned must-win mentality, means that underperformance is met with demotions, removals, and new acquisitions and promotions.

As a result, the new starting lineup is as follows:

Top: S0ul
*promoted from LCS Academy

Jungle: Spica
*retained from previous roster

Mid: Maple
*retained from previous roster

ADC: Instinct
*promoted from TSM Academy

Support: Chime
*acquired from Golden Guardians Academy


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