Reportedly the Misfits Selling LEC Spot Could Happen

Reportedly the Misfits Selling LEC Spot Could Happen

Despite coming off of one of their best splits in Spring, it appears that Misfits selling LEC spot is a potential reality as they have been in discussions with other organizations. The long-tenured LEC team has been in the league since 2017, when the LEC was still referred to as EU LCS. They were part of the original ten teams Riot partnered with in 2019 when EU LCS was rebranded and franchised as the LEC.

Word of their potential sale stem from Esportsmaniacos reporter Eros, who posted this on his Twitter page:

“Misfits Gaming to leave the LEC for next year. The team has reportedly already sold the LEC spot and a new owner will be announced tomorrow. Sources say that team was pondering several teams including names such as Team Heretics or Karmine Corp”

Karmine Corp to the LEC?

While nothing has been confirmed on the side of Misfits, other information by more reputable insider sources have seemingly confirmed and elaborated upon this leak.

Renown for their accuracy and volume of insider information, LEC_Wooloo posted, in a series of tweets, the following additional pieces of information about Misfits’ potential move:

“Misfits Gaming have been in negotiations for their LEC spot lately but I haven’t heard that they sold already, will try to figure it out but gg to eros if it’s true. It’s not KC though if they have sold already”

To the dismay of many new LFL (La Ligue Française; France’s League of Legends franchise) fans, it appears Karmine Corp (KCorp) have not purchased Misfits spot—if it has been sold already.

KCorp, who recently grew massively in popularity after signing LEC veteran Rekkles, have become one of the most popular League of Legends teams in Europe. Their sudden boom has had a significant impact on LFL viewership, including the complete obliteration of longstanding viewership records.

Their recent rise in popularity, combined with their absence from Europe’s most prominent league, have left many LFL and European League of Legends viewers calling for them to purchase an LEC spot.

Of course, none of the LEC spots have been for sale since Team BDS bought Schalke 04’s slot last year. And, even if they were available, KCorp is not even the wealthiest or most successful LFL team despite their loud and supportive fan base.

What Does Misfits Selling LEC Spot Mean?

Misfits have historically been a middle-of-the-pack LEC team. Having never finished lower than 9th place since the inception of the LEC, Misfits have landed in the top five in three of their seven splits. Notably, the team had their best ever performance last split where they placed third. They also won their first ever MVP award—earned by their mid laner, Vetheo—and second ever Outstanding Rookie award—earned by their jungler, Shlatan.

If Misfits are in talks about selling—or have already sold—their LEC spot, the timing would not indicate a performance-based reason. Their team has performed fairly well this split. Although they’ve since lost, they had a five-win streak which included victories against some of the current top teams (Fnatic, MAD Lions, and G2 Esports) in the league.

If the rumors are true, however, other teams in the league could see significant improvements to their own rosters. Misfits’ exit from the LEC would mean that their roster would be available for purchase. With big names such as the incumbent MVP Vetheo on the roster, other LEC teams could see benefit by adding Misfit’s top performers to their rosters.

Of course, Misfits is yet to make a public statement about the status of their team going into next year. With nothing official coming from them, take everything you see about their sale (or potential sale) with a grain of salt.


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