Ranking The Top 10 Brawlers In August 2022


Brawlers That Are Unstoppable In This Meta (6-10)

10. Gene: Gene has also reappeared into the top 10 because of his insane support. Gene’s knockback gadget and Magic Puffs star power are essential to him being good and have helped him be so successful.

He also has consistent damage that can counter snipers and a ton of upfront damage to hurt the tanks. Gene is such a solid brawler right now.

9. Ruffs: Ruffs seems to never be bad and is always in and around the top 10. Both of his gadgets are usable, and his gadget that breaks walls is so crucial.

He has one of the best total kits in the game and makes his teammates better throughout the game. Ruffs is one of the best support brawlers in the game, and that won’t change any time soon.

8. Penny: Penny is still solid after the balance changes a few months ago. She has her newest gadget and star power that counter tanks, and the splash damage for her main shot is more consistent.

Her turret continues to be one of the best things about her, and it is almost like a 4th player on the team. Penny is such a good brawler right now.

7. Bea: Bea is surprisingly strong in this very tanky meta. His output damage with the damaged gear is hard to stop and has been the main reason he’s so good.

He also has a great gadget that slows an area around him. Bea is very solid and is a great pick to add to your lineup.

6. Poco: Poco just ran the meta last month and is still very dominant. His super continues to change the game with Screeching Solo and the massive amount of healing.

Poco also has a ton of damage at max level and can hold his own in a 1 vs. 1. Play Poco before he gets nerfed!

Top 5 Brawlers Who Can’t Be Beat Right Now (1-5)

5. Griff: Griff has gotten over the hump of being an average brawler as well, as players have understood how much damage he can deal. He cycles his super so well and obliterates the opposition.

He has a solid gadget that breaks up the map, and his second-star power has emerged as the superior one, as he gains a percentage of health passively.

4. Max: Max has gotten a nice comeback into the meta, as he was very average for the last few months. Her speed counters lots of sharpshooters atop the rankings right now.

She is the ultimate combination brawler and can fit in with almost every brawler in the game. Plus, her damage deletes opposing brawlers in the right player’s hands.

3. Bonnie: Bonnie continues to destroy the competition as a tank and sniper combined. Her ability to counter almost every brawler is why she continues to stay atop the rankings.

Even with nerfs to her health, she’s still extremely tanky in her main form and deals a respectable amount of damange. And when she jumps on weaker opponents, her Clyde form disintegrates most brawlers.

2. Otis: Otis has gone from one of the worst brawlers in Brawl Stars to arguably the second-best. He’s gotten buffs to his super and damage rate.

His star power is arguably the best thing about him as well, as it adds another bullet to his shot that gives his damage a major buff.

1. Janet: Janet is still the best brawler in the game with her dominant gadget that takes away 100 health per second in a large area.

Her damage continues to be top-tier, and the star power that allows her to charge up her shot 30% faster is lethal in the hands of a skilled player.

5 Honorable Mentions For the Top 10



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