New MLB the Show Event Guide

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If you are new to MLB the Show, let me introduce you to the events tab in online mode. Every couple of weeks, San Diego Studios will develop some type of event-style game, for new rewards. There are several different types of events, where your team has to be built a certain way.

MLB The Show Event Guide

A lot of times, there is a cap set on teams’ overalls, no matter the event. They have events like speedsters, where the players must have over 80 speed, or there is one where they will use certain-handed batters with opposite pitchers. In this current event, there are no specific criteria, but your team overall must drop all the way down to 90.

Having played the event, I have found what I think to be the best possible lineup creation by position. Let’s take a look at a roster breakdown as well as the event rewards.

Starting Pitchers

For starting pitching the five spots can be filled with three players who are 94-97, then the other two spots should be filled with 60 overall. In this event-style setup, only playing six-inning games, pitchers will regenerate enough energy to throw again before having to use the 60 overalls.

Players who fit these criteria and could be successful are 94 overall future stars Edward Cabrera, 97 overall Al Leiter, 94 overall future stars Garrett Crochet, or 96 overall live series Jacob DeGrom. Be careful when selecting certain cards if you have them paralleled. This will change their overalls. If Al Leiter is paralleled at all, he will not be usable in this system.

Relief Pitchers

For relief pitchers, this one is a little tricky and you have to really look at your cards. For the system to work, you can only use three 97-99 overall pitchers. That means the other five spots will have to be filled with 60’s as well.

In this event, with it being on All-Star difficulty, you are going to either want guys with the outlier perk or guys with good movement. I would also make sure to have at least one lefty. A nice combo I have found is 99 Gossage, 99 Rivera, and 97 Hader. If those cards are not available to you, try out the 97 Eckersley, or the 97 Kimbrel.


If you do this correctly, you should be able to play any players in your starting lineup. I know with certain player programs out, this might be a good chance to get some of those guys taken care of. Or the missions tab for the 5th inning program has some different challenges that you could work on getting any of these done in.

Another option is to use the guys you would use in your ranked seasons lineup and try to parallel them. If you have new guys that you just recently added to your lineup, or maybe bench guys that you have not spent a lot of time grinding, this is a good opportunity to get them paralleled and improve their stats.


Now the bench is a little tricky too. Here you can only have two 90 overall bats and the rest have to be 60. I would make sure to have a righty and a lefty in there, but one that may hit both righty and lefty arms decently. Another tip would be to make sure one is an outfielder and one is an infielder, that way there is potential for a double switch if you have the option.

Guys that I think have potential are 90 overall monthly rewards Brandon Crawford who bats left-handed. He hits for power against both righties and lefties, and can play all three infield spots. The right-handed hitter I like is Topps now 90 overall Randy Arozarena. This card hits both sides and can play all three outfield spots.


There are rewards at certain win totals in this event. The first reward you will get is the 95 overall closing pitcher Bruce Sutter when you get to 15 wins. He has a three-pitch mix, splitter, four-seam, and slider. He does not throw overly hard, with 93 topping his fastball, but he does drop all the way to 78 for his splitter. So there is a nice gap that could throw hitters off.

He does have 108 H/9 and 121 K/9. His control is also really nice being right around 90 before being paralleled at all. The only real downside to this card is going to be the lack of velocity.

The other reward you can obtain at 20 wins is the 97 overall signature series shortstop Ozzie Smith. A defensive guru, with 99 fielding and 99 reaction, he is going to get to every ball in his vicinity at short. He also is very quick with 92 speed and 98 stealing.

His hitting has some okay features with 96 contact against righties and 93 contact against lefties. Unfortunately, his power is only 46 against righties and 62 against lefties. Now if you saw Ozzie Smith play, these numbers are about right on par, however, for the gameplay itself, this card will struggle to make competitive lineups.


Events are a fun twist on the competitive side of the game. With zero stub commitment to making a lineup, and starting an event run, they are always a nice little break from the Ranked Seasons grind. Are the rewards a must-have? Not really. But if you have yet to do the collection for the MVP Mookie Betts, both of these cards can easily be obtained.

Hopefully, you can find these lineup possibilities helpful and do not have to stress over getting the overall down to 90. Make sure to head to for all your esports news. Also, be sure to check back in next Friday as the new 6th inning program is dropping. As always, Happy Grinding!


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