MLB The Show Roster Update

MLB The Show Roster Update

MLB The Show Roster Update – We have covered lots of things over the last couple of months regarding MLB the Show. One thing we have not covered is the roster updates. Every two weeks, San Diego Studios looks at the real-life production of players in the MLB and will give adjustments to the player’s attributes. With updates, player’s live series cards have the potential to change their overall.

Why does this matter? In terms of the stub market, certain cards will sell for more. For diamonds, they can be quick sold for 5,000 stubs, golds go for 1,000, silvers go for 100, the bronze goes for 25, and common cards go for 5 stubs. Players who play the game a lot will invest in certain cards with the expectation of an upgrade, in hopes that their value will increase and they can make stubs.

Let’s take a look at this week’s roster update and the new diamond cards added.

New Diamonds

The first card is 87 overall starting pitcher from the Blue Jays, Robbie Ray, who went from and 84 gold to 87 diamond. If you remember, he was named the Player of the Month for August, so it makes sense that he would get a hefty upgrade. His major upgrades came to his H/9 getting a +5 and K/9 got a +5. His biggest increase came in pitching clutch which got a +11.

The next card is 87 overall catcher from the White Sox, Yasmani Grandal, who went from 83 to 87. Getting +4 on your overall means you have to be playing great baseball, which Grandal is. His contacts all got over +10s and his power against lefties got a +10 to 100. His new hitting line reads 38 contact and 99 power against righties, with 78 contact and 100 power against lefties.

Another new diamond is right fielder Kyle Tucker from the Houston Astros. Tucker got the +1 from an 84 to an 85. The biggest boost Tucker got was hit contact against lefties, which received a +13. His new hitting stats read 83 contact and 80 power against righties, with 69 contact and 78 power against lefties.

Starting pitcher Joe Musgrove, of the San Diego Padres, got the +1 boost as well from an 84 to 85. Musgrove, who is 11-8 with a 3.06 ERA in real life, has been sitting at 84 for almost two full months. His production in limiting hits got him a +2 to his H/9 and a +2 to his K/9 giving him just enough to become a diamond.

The most surprising of the new diamonds is the second baseman from the Atlanta Braves, Ozzie Albies. He received a massive boost in power against righties with a +9. That stat was the only attribute that got a big boost in this upgrade, but apparently, that was all he needed to take the +1 boost from 84 to 85.

The final new diamond is the shortstop from the Toronto Blue Jays, Bo Bichette who went from an 83 to an 85. Bichette has been crushing lefties in real life, which is the major attribute gain that he got in the update. He received +9 to his contact and +14 to his power against lefties. His new hitting line reads 71 contact and 65 power against righties, with 103 contact and 74 power against lefties.

Silver to Gold

Several players received a boost from silver to gold. Let’s make a list of their previous overalls to their new ones.

  • Josh Bell went from a 79 to an 82 with major boosts to his contact against lefties.
  • Nicky Lopez goes from 79 to 81 with +19 added to his contact against lefties.
  • Sandy Alcantara went from a 79 to 81 with major boosts to his stamina and K/9.
  • Adam Wainwright goes from 79 to 81 with boosts to his H/9 and pitching clutch.
  • Alek Manoah went from 79 to 81 with boosts to his stamina and H/9.
  • Evan Longoria goes from 78 to 81 with major boosts in both of his hitting stats against righties.
  • Austin Hays goes from 79 to 81 with major boosts in his power stats for both righties and lefties.
  • Ryan Mountcastle went from 79 to 81 with boosts in almost all of his hitting categories.
  • Wander Franco goes from 79 to 81 with a +17 in his contact against righties.
  • Lance McCullers goes from 79 to 80 with small boosts in several attributes.
  • Max Fried went from 79 to 80 with boosts in H/9 and BB/9.
  • Lourdes Gurriel Jr. goes from 78 to 80 with major boosts in several hitting attributes.
  • Huascar Ynoa goes from 78 to 80 with upgrades in a majority of his per 9s.
  • Ranger Suarez goes from a 79 to 80 with a +5 to his pitching clutch.
  • Kenley Jansen goes from 79 to 80 with a +11 to his pitching clutch.
  • Blake Treinen goes from a 78 to 80 with a +5 to his H/9.
  • Nathan Eovaldi went from 79 to 80 with several small upgrades to his pitching attributes.


If you are someone who likes to make stubs and find different ways to make stubs besides flipping on the market, the roster updates can be big for you. Checking the previous two weeks’ stats or the last 30 days’ stats is always important when it comes to the upgrades the players are going to get. If you can check those early and make investments into players, there is potential for major pay days.

Only two roster updates are remaining this year, make sure to look into guys who are close to making the jump, and try to invest early. A card to look at right away is Tyler O’Neil from the St. Louis Cardinals. He has been on a tear as of late and is sitting at an 84 overall, if you can pick a couple of them up for less than 3,000 stubs, it may be a good play to hold on to them for a couple of weeks.

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Happy Grinding!


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