MLB The Show Content Update

MLB The Show Content Update

A quick turnaround for the guys over at San Diego Studios as they have released new content. There are new Battle Royale updates and rewards, a new player program that can help with the 6th inning program, and a new headliner.

Battle Royale

New to 2021 is the Battle Royale program that we went over a few weeks ago. In this most recent update, they have made a few changes. In the past, you would only receive a single point for a win towards the program. Now, players will receive two points per win, making it a much quicker route to getting the program done.

They have also released new flawless rewards. These cards can be obtained by going 12-0 during your Battle Royale run, or completing the program gets you one of these packs. These cards are usually some of the best cards in the game due to the amount of work it takes to get them. Let’s take a look at the two newest cards.

The first card is 99 overall MVP series right fielder Cody Bellinger. This card’s hitting stats read 108 contact and 116 power against righties, with 89 contact and 125 power against lefties. This base card is pretty solid but he will benefit from the parallel system allowing his contact against lefties to get over the 90 threshold.

Defensively, Bellinger will play well at any of the four positions he can play. His primary position is right field, with center field, left field, and first base in his secondaries. With a defensive rating of 98 and arm strength of 99, he will be found in right field for most competitive lineups. The only real knock to this card would be his lack of speed, only 79, but in right field, that will not be necessary.

The other card is the 99 overall No-Hitter Moment series starting pitcher Jake Arrieta. This card instantly becomes a top-five pitcher in the game with a five-pitch mix of sinker, slider, fastball, curveball, and changeup. He does not have outlier on any of his pitches, however, he does get the sinkerballer quirk which makes his sinker tough to hit out.

This card’s per 9’s are great with 122 H/9 and 102 K/9. In the gaming community, there have been lots of discussions about the importance of the per 9’s relative to the PCI size. It has become abundantly clear that cards with higher H/9 make the PCI size much smaller for opponents in online modes. As this card parallels up, he will have a maxed out H/9 of 125.

MLB The Show Content Update Battle Royale

Player Program

For the newest 6th inning program, San Diego Studios has released a new player program that you can collect to help with the XP grind. For this program, the newest card is 98 overall Signature Series first baseman, Keith Hernandez. If you have played the game for a few years, you know that this card always seems to drop at terrible times, when we have just gotten a ton of great first baseman options, like in this season’s team affinity four drop.

This card’s hitting stats read 114 contact and 75 power against righties, with 110 contact and 73 power against lefties. He does have 94 fielding which is solid, but without any secondaries, he is only going to be able to play first base, where defense is not all that important.

The only real nice part about this card is the ability to collect a signature series card without having to spend any stubs. Besides that, this card is not going to be used by anyone, except maybe off the bench for a Mets theme team.


If you have stubs and feel like a little gambling, you can head over to the packs section and try your luck at finding this newest headliner. You are only allowed to buy five of these packs, so best of luck if that is the route you take. If you have the stubs, the easiest way to collect these headliners is to just buy them off the market.

In this week’s headliner, we get 99 overall Future Stars shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. This card will be one of the best defensive shortstops in the game, while his hitting stats leave a little to be desired. His hitting stats read 84 contact and 89 power against righties, with 110 contact and 108 power against lefties.

Defensively he gets 91 fielding, 94 arm strength, and 92 reaction, so he is going to make a ton of plays. He also has 88 speed so balls hit up the middle or in the hole, he has a greater chance of getting to. Overall, this is another card that will more than likely find its way onto theme teams for tournaments but will struggle to make most competitive lineups.


While this content drop was not the greatest, it is so nice playing a game that constantly is dropping new content. The Battle Royale cards are great, I would highly suggest grinding out the newest program to obtain at least one of these cards. Hopefully, your team affinity grinding is going well, remember to check into for all your esports news.

Happy Grinding!


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