MLB the Show: Battle Royale Program

Battle Royale Program

When playing MLB the Show, there are three different online competitive modes. Ranked Seasons is the most popular, where you use your diamond dynasty team and compete in a nine-inning contest against another online player. There are also events where the criteria for a team build is based on that specific event. The other is the one we will discuss today called Battle Royale.

Battle Royale consists of three-inning games with players you draft before the games start. This is basically an even playing field as the team’s overalls are almost identical and allows for the players to compete if they do not have the best diamond dynasty team.

New in 2021 is the Battle Royale program. What this does is incentivize players to play the game mode more, with points acquired for certain mission completions. If you are able to get to 100 points, you can claim a battle royale rewards pack that includes the same rewards as a player who was to go 12-0. Let’s take a look at the newest players added to the program.

80 points

In this newest program update, a new pack was added at 80 points. This pack includes all of the previous 12-0 players that could be acquired in the previous programs. The only players you can not obtain are the two newest players that were added.

These players consist of one of the top arms in the game in Al Leiter, a top shortstop in Trevor Story, and the Silver Slugger Jorge Posada. A really nice addition that will allow players who got the game late to go back and get some of these guys.

90 points

When you get to 90 points, you will receive 97 overall 2nd half heroes first baseman Albert Pujols. This is a card that, if you like his swing, he could be a decent addition to a bench, or if you have not acquired a solid first baseman, he may get some starts. But overall, this card is a little underwhelming.

He has 94 contact and 99 power against righties, with 89 contact and 105 power against lefties. Definitely usable, but compared to some of the other guys like Pete Alonso’s home run derby card, Vlad Jr. All-Star game card, or Joey Votto’s monthly awards card, he will not be a top starter. He does get 75 fielding which is more than acceptable at the first base position. He also does not have any secondary position.

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When playing MLB the Show, there are different online competitive modes. Ranked Seasons is the most popular. The other is the Battle Royale.

100 points

If you complete the program and make it to 100 points, that is where the two newest cards come into play. The first card option is 99 overall MVP Stan Musial. Primary position on this card is right field, with the other outfield spots and first base as his secondary. This guy is a hitting machine. He has 125 contact and 98 power against righties, with 125 contact and 121 power against lefties. Once you get him to parallel three, he will be 100 plus in all hitting categories.

If you are playing and see this card in someone’s lineup, he will more than likely be at first base. He only has 47 speed and 72 fielding, which makes him a stretch to be placed in the outfield. 62 reaction makes any ball not hit right at him tough to get to. But because of the first base secondary, this card instantly will enter lineups across the competitive scene.

The other option instantly becomes the best relief pitcher in the game, the 97 overall signature series Aroldis Chapman. An absolute flamethrower with a five-pitch mix of four-seam, slider, sinker, splitter, and changeup. This card is insane. His fastball gets the outlier perk allowing him to throw up to 102 mph.

He also has 125 H/9 and 125 K/9, making PCI size against him extremely small. If there is one negative to this card, it would be the control factor. Only the four-seam and the slider have over 90 control, with his overall control being 81. He will be a little harder to control, but if you can get his timing down on pinpoint, he will be an absolute monster.


These two cards added to the 100 point pack are absolute goons. It will be interesting to see what happens as far as market value of these cards as well. It is safe to assume that these cards will stay somewhere in the 200k+ range, making them tough to obtain for the more casual players, but I think that is the goal.

Make sure to check for all your esports news. Check back in later this week for news about the new event, as well as the new player program, coming. As always, Happy Grinding!



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