MLB The Show: Which Affinity Cards To Choose?

MLB The Show Which Affinity Cards To Choose

The newest set of team affinity cards are finally here. In this set, there are legends as well as future stars. There is also a nice blend of all different series of cards with Signature Series, Awards, Moments, Future Stars, and Prime series cards. Let’s take a look at the best two cards from each series.

Signature Series

One of the top two Signature Series cards is the 99 overall catcher Ivan Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers. This card is by far the best defensive catcher, with 96 fielding and 99 arm strength, and hits the ball pretty well also.

He has 110 contact and 86 power against righties, with 119 contact and 88 power against lefties. After you begin to parallel this card, you will surpass the 90 power threshold and this card becomes one of the best catchers overall in the game.

The other Signature Series card I like is the 99 overall right fielder Gary Sheffield from the Miami Marlins. This card has great hitting stats with 108 contact and 107 power against righties, with 118 contact and 111 power against lefties.

He does have secondary positions of third base, shortstop, and left field, however, he only has 65 fielding attributes so playing right field may be the best option among the affinity cards.

Awards Series

Potentially the best card in all of the team affinity comes out of the Awards Series with 99 overall first baseman Frank Thomas from the Chicago White Sox. His hitting stats read 120 contact and 125 power against righties, with 125 contact and 125 power against lefties.

This could be one of the first affinity cards to have all 125 hitting stats once he gets to parallel five. His defense is not that great, but if you have played the game before, you know first baseman stats do not matter.

Arguably the second-best card in the whole program is also in the Awards Series with 99 overall center fielder Mickey Mantle from the New York Yankees. The switch-hitter’s stats read 120 contact and 125 power against righties, with 125 contact and 111 power against lefties.

He also has 87 fielding with 92 speed so he will be a solid option in center field. This card and Frank Thomas will enter almost every competitive lineup immediately.

Moments Series

There are quite a few Moments Series cards in the program, but in my opinion, one of the best is 99 overall starting pitcher Bob Gibson from the St. Louis Cardinals.

Gibson has a five-pitch mix of fastball, slider, sinker, curveball, and changeup. He has 95+ control over his top three pitches, with 95+ breaks on all three as well. He has 107 H/9 and 100 K/9 making him usable on all difficulties.

The other Moments Series card I like is the 99 overall left fielder Luis Gonzalez. If you have played the Show in years past, you know Gonzalez has a great swing for the game.

His hitting stats read 114 contact and 125 power against righties, with 105 contact and 118 power against lefties. If there was an issue with this card, it would be the lack of speed. With 78 fielding and 54 speed, it’s imperative to have someone fast in centerfield with him, especially when compared to the other affinity cards.

Future Stars

There are only three Future Stars Series cards in this program, but they are all three nice. One of the best is the 99 overall catcher Adley Rutschman of the Baltimore Orioles.

The switch hitter has 100 contact and 90 power against righties, with 110 contact and 98 power against lefties. He also gets the job done defensively with 95 fielding and 94 arm strength, so guys will not be able to run all over him.

The Mariners got a solid Future Stars Series card with 99 overall right fielder Julio Rodriguez. His hitting stats read 108 contact and 107 power against righties, with 100 contact and 109 power against lefties.

He has the perfect right fielder stats with 90 fielding, 97 arm strength, and only 67 speed. If you are a fan of Rodriguez’s swing from his prospect card, this one of the affinity cards will be a lot of fun.

Prime Series

There were only two Prime Series affinity cards in the program, but both are solid. The first is the 99 overall center fielder Duke Snider from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The left-handed swinging outfielder has 116 contact and 114 power against righties, with 94 contact and 77 power against lefties. He has average fielding stats with 88 fielding and 80 arm strength.

The other Prime Series card is the 99 overall Honus Wagner from the Pittsburgh Pirates. His hitting stats read 116 contact and 89 power against righties, with 125 contact and 90 power against lefties. He has great fielding stats with 90 fielding, 90 arm strength, and 86 reaction.

He’s also extremely fast with 95 speed and 98 stealing attributes. If you enjoy Wagner but have a shortstop already, he has secondary positions of first base, second base, third base, and left field.


This is one of the best content drops of affinity cards in the history of the game. There are so many cards that guys can easily put into their ranked seasons’ lineups and they will be successful. While I have only outlined 10 of them, 20 others are not on this list.

When trying to complete the team of affinity cards, the easiest and fastest, in my opinion, is to do the four exchanges for 40 total points, then just begin to play as many showdowns as possible.

If you do not like playing the showdowns, you can always complete the missions, the conquest, or the moments for extra points. Either way, all of these cards can be obtained without spending any stubs, which is why this program is elite.

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