MLB the Show 21 Content Drop

MLB the Show 21 Content Drop

Another week, another content drop from San Diego Studios. We had three major drops this week, daily rewards, player program, and Topps now event. Let’s take a look at the cards that can be obtained in all three of these options.

Daily Rewards

New in 2021 is the daily moments’ program. Every day there is a new moment in the program section that can be completed with relative ease. Once you have completed the moment, you get a single point. These points get put towards the program, which results in getting rewards as you go.

The major reward for September daily moments is the 99 overall starting pitcher Cy Young. It is always nice when you can add a 99 to your club completely for free. Young features a five-pitch mix of four-seam fastball, 12-6 curveball, sweeping curve, changeup, and screwball. The fastball is the only pitch that breaks 80 mph as it tops out at 98.

The change in speed amongst pitches is outlandish and maybe the only reason this card is a viable option. The fastball can get up to 98, while the other four pitches will max out around 75 mph. Young also has 125 stamina, so he can go deep into games. The downside to this card is the 91 H/9 and 90 K/9 which lead to a larger PCI size from your opponent.

Player Program

Because of the new sixth inning program, a new player program has also been released. In this program, the final reward is the 96 overall signature series Adam Wainwright. This is another card that can be obtained completely for free. The easiest path to achieve this reward is to complete the six moments, then take on the St. Louis Cardinals in a play vs. CPU game on All-Star difficulty.

Wainwright features a five-pitch mix of sinker, curveball, cutter, four-seam fastball, and changeup. This card has one of the best pitch mixes you could want in a starter. He has the control assist quirk, which allows for great control, and the grounded quirk, which makes hitting home runs off of Wainwright more difficult.

The biggest negatives to this card are the velocity and attributes. Wainwright has very limited velocity with his sinker and fastball only getting to 93 mph. In a competitive setting, that will struggle to be effective. He also only has 90 H/9 and 88 K/9 which also means the PCI size on your opponent will be large.

Topps Now Program

A new event has also started this month, the Topps Now event. In this event, teams are loosely based on the Topps Now cards that they have released. Just like previous events, the more wins you obtain, the better the rewards get. Teams in this event are limited to Topps Now cards, diamond live series players, gold live series players, and common players. There is no maximum overall for this event, so you can load up on the best possible players.

In this reward path, the first major award comes when you get to 20 event wins. Once you get here you will receive 97 overall starting pitcher Yu Darvish. A five-pitch mix of the cutter, slider, four-seam fastball, 12-6 curve, and splitter. There is a solid difference in velocity with the top being 96 mph and the bottom at 75 mph.

Darvish received this card under the claim that he was the fastest pitcher to 1,500 K’s in MLB history. Knowing this explains why he has 108 K/9 as his best attribute. One of the negatives to the card is the 97 stamina attribute, which means he will struggle to make it past the seventh inning if he has thrown several pitches.

Once you get to 25 wins you will receive your second player reward, a 98 overall second baseman Jose Altuve. This card is a hitting machine, 100 contact and 115 power against righties with 110 contact and 85 power against lefties.

This card having a primary second base position makes him more valuable as second base has been a rather underwhelming position so far. Altuve gets 80 fielding with 73 speed which will allow him to get to the slow rollers up the middle.

Event Lineup

There are a few cards that you should target for your events lineup. 97 overall catcher Yasmani Grandall is the best overall catcher in the Topps Now program. He was in the most recent set of moments, so make sure you are caught up on those.

Another card that I think is a must-have is the 96 overall shortstop Jorge Polanco. The switch-hitting shortstop can play all three infield spots and will be a quality addition to the batting lineup. Centerfielder, 94 overall, Jarren Duran is another easy addition. The centerfielder has solid hitting stats with superior defense and speed.


Another great content drop from SDS. The best part about this content is it can all be completed for free. There is nothing in any of these programs that will require you to spend any stubs.

While this week was great, next week is going to be even better. The news dropped in the middle of the week that the new Team Affinity, stage four, will drop next Friday. Make sure to check back next week and we will go over the rewards in that MLB the Show drop. Happy Grinding!


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