MLB the Show 21: August Monthly Awards

MLB the Show 21: August Monthly Awards

San Diego Studios has released the newest August Monthly Awards program for MLB the Show 21. Just like other months past, there are several ways that you can go about collecting these cards. The easiest method is to complete the moments for 30 points, then complete the missions against the computer.

If you have completed the Topps now moments from months past, then you have an extra step up from the rest and have a chance at getting an extra 30 points for getting the collections completed.

Let’s take a look at the rewards that you will get along the path of the program and the lightning card after completion of the program.

Frank Schwindel

The first card you will get at 5 points is the 95 overall first baseman Frank Schwindel from the Chicago Cubs. This card has very solid hitting stats with 104 contact and 81 power against righties, with 125 contact and 115 power against lefties. This card has decent fielding at 82 with 78 reaction. The only position this card can play is first base, he did not receive any secondaries.

Ty France

At 20 points, you will receive 95 overall first baseman Ty France from the Seattle Mariners. This card is a little more balanced hitting with 92 contact and 99 power against righties, with 125 contact and 85 power against lefties. His fielding stats are relatively similar with 75 fielding and 84 reaction. He also has 73 arm power which is beneficial for his secondary positions of second base and third base.

Andrew Kittredge

When you get to 30 program points, you will receive 96 overall closing pitcher Andrew Kittredge from the Tampa Bay Rays. This card has serious potential to enter competitive lineups with a four-pitch mix of sinker, slider, fastball, and changeup. He has solid K/9 at 104 and H/9 at 101. Another very interesting thing about this card is the pitch break on his sinker is at 99 and his slider is at 97.

Tyler Naquin

At 40 points you will receive 97 overall centerfielder Tyler Naquin from the Cincinnati Reds. A left-handed hitter, this card mashes righties with 125 contact and 115 power, while also being sufficient against lefties at 82 contact and 82 power. He is a solid option at any position in the outfield with 86 fielding and 90 reaction. The only thing this card is lacking is speed, with only 49 speed it will be tough for him to get many balls in the gaps.

Devin Williams

Once you get to 50 points, you will receive another bullpen arm in 97 overall relief pitcher Devin Williams from the Milwaukee Brewers. This card becomes one of the few relief pitchers to have a full five-pitch mix with a changeup, four-seam fastball, cutter, two-seam fastball, and screwball. He has 116 H/9 and 115 K/9 making him a very viable option in any bullpen.

Bobby Dalbec

At 60 points you will get your third first baseman of the program in 97 overall Bobby Dalbec from the Boston Red Sox. This card is the most balanced of the three with 110 contact and 125 power against righties with 92 contact and 92 power against lefties. He does have the secondary of third base, which they gave him 75 fielding and 79 reaction to make him an adequate option over there as well.

Hunter Renfroe

At 70 points you will receive 98 overall right fielder Hunter Renfroe from the Boston Red Sox. Holy power stats, with 75 contact and 125 power against righties, with 105 contact and 125 power against lefties. He will hit some moonshots, unfortunately, pinch-hitting may be the only use for this card. He has 82 fielding with 86 reaction, which is not bad, but he couples that with only 54 speed making him a tough play in the outfield.

Will Smith

Once you have obtained 75 points you will receive 98 overall catcher Will Smith from the Los Angeles Dodgers. This card is one of the more usable cards in the program with 92 contact and 116 power against righties, with 110 contact and 120 power against lefties. He also has 83 fielding and 86 arm strength making him a solid defensive catcher as well. While his stats may not be as great as Signature Series Mike Piazza, this is a viable option because it is free to obtain.

Luis Robert

At 80 points you will receive 98 overall center fielder Luis Robert from the Chicago White Sox. This may be the overall best card in the program, especially with the great swing Robert has. His hitting stats read 121 contact and 105 power against righties, with 100 contact and 85 power against lefties. He also has 91 fielding, with 93 reaction and 88 speed making him a solid option at any of the outfield spots.

Lightning Robbie Ray

The Lightning card for getting to the 100 point mark in the program is 99 overall starting pitcher Robbie Ray from the Toronto Blue Jays. This card features a five-pitch mix of four-seam fastball, slider, knuckle-curve, changeup, and two-seam fastball. His H/9 at 120 and 115 K/9 are a great addition to this card.

As excited as I want to be for this card, I just do not know how well he will do at the higher difficulties. His fastballs only top out around 95 mph and his two-seam fastball only has 77 break, which is the only pitch that will break away from right-handed hitters. If you have played the Show, you know that there are some guys whose stats are not the best but they’re able to perform and I’m hoping this is one of them.


Overall this was an average program. Having to use three rewards on first baseman is not great. The two relief pitchers and the Luis Robert cards will more than likely be the only cards that you may see in competitive settings. The best part of this drop is the fact that all of these cards are free.

While this content drop was just alright, big things are coming this week. The fourth team affinity set will drop this Friday and it will be filled with legends as well as future stars. Make sure to check back into as we will go over the best cards in that drop.

Happy Grinding!


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