It’s Official. Meet Cole Cassidy, Overwatch’s Newest Old Character

Meet Cole Cassidy

Just when you thought Overwatch was done updating their roster, they have done it again. Announced on October 26th on the official PlayOverwatch twitter, Cole Cassidy will be “joining” the ranks of the 32 playable characters. But, there is a catch. Cole Cassidy is nothing new, in fact, his name is the only thing new coming to the game.

Following a slew of workplace harassment and sexual misconduct claims in the Activision Workplace, former employee and Blizzard game designer Jesse McCree was fired—along with a few others—only leaving behind a critical in-game cameo: one of the 2016 hero-shooter’s most prolific DPS characters, Jesse McCree.

While the lawsuits persist and still linger over the head of Activision Blizzard, the company decided that their next best move for the game was to remove all traces of the alleged offender’s presence in the game. After months of discussion, it was decided just this week that the infamous renegade cowboy would be renamed to a more “appropriate” Cole Cassidy.

Who is Cole Cassidy?

With McCree already having deep lore with multiple of the game’s characters, including his cowgirl counterpart Ashe, changing his name was no easy task lore-wise. With many characters including the likes of Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra having voice lines that directly state the rebel cowboy’s name, Blizzard needed to devise a lore-based workaround to the incoming name change.

What was their solution? The name “Jesse McCree” was a pseudonym taken on by the outlaw after leaving his old life behind and becoming an infamous gang leader. Can you guess what his original name was? That’s right, Cole Cassidy. To be known officially in-game under his last name like before, “Cassidy” was released with the official statement (excluding the aforementioned details) as follows:

“To make this new Overwatch better—to make things right— he [McCree/Cassidy] had to be honest with his team and himself. The cowboy he was rode into the sunset, and Cole Cassidy faced the world at dawn.”

What Else Has Changed?

To maintain important dialogue in the game’s voice lines a few of the interactive lines have been changed. The notable changes are as follows:

(Dialogue With Ashe)

  • Cassidy: Ashe, how about we let bygones be bygones?
  • Ashe: Aw, you know that’s not the way it works, Cole.
  • Cassidy: I was hopin’ you’d make an exception, for old times’ sake.
  • Ashe: Brave of you to show your face around here, Cole.
  • Cassidy: Well, I know how much you missed me. Still have a picture of me at the hide-out, I hear.
  • Ashe: On the dartboard.
  • Cassidy: Bet you look at it every day. Flattering, really.
  • Cassidy: Real nice bike you’ve got, Ashe.
  • Ashe: What’d you do with it, Cole?!
  • Cassidy: Parked it somewhere… I’m damned if I remember where I left the keys, though…

(Dialogue With Doomfist)

  • Doomfist: You know, Cassidy, the winning side would pay much better. Maybe, buy yourself some real clothes?
  • Cassidy: My clothes!? Have you seen some of the things Talon wears?

(Dialogue With Genji)

  • Genji: (on Route 66) Why have you come back to this place Cassidy?
  • Cassidy: The only thing it ever is… Unfinished business, and unhappy history

(Dialogue With Mei)

  • Mei: Hey, Cassidy, do you know what time it is?
  • Cassidy: Well, I’d say it’s about… now I see what you’re doing there!

(Dialogue With Moira)

  • Moira: (on Route 66) Why am I not surprised to learn that you grew up in a place like this, Cassidy?
  • Cassidy: I’m from Texas.
  • Moira: Our courageous cowboy. The years haven’t changed you much, have they, Cole?
  • Cassidy: They certainly haven’t changed my feelings about working with you.

(Dialogue With Orisa)

  • Orisa: Cole Cassidy; outlaw. Reward: 60 million dollars. The reward could make up for Efi’s grant money.
  • Cassidy: Hey, come on now!

(Dialogue With Pharah)

  • Pharah: Cassidy, where did you learn to shoot like that? Was it Jack, Gabriel?
  • Cassidy: Always was a good shot, but I got a few pointers from the best. That’d be your mother.

(Dialogue With Sombra)

  • Sombra: Pleasure working with you Cassidy… if that is your real name.
  • Cassidy: Don’t know what you heard, but my name’s not Joel. Best remember that.

(Dialogue With Torbjörn)

  • Torbjörn: Cassidy, what happened to your arm?
  • Cassidy: I always admired yours. Figured I’d get one of my own.


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