LNG Esports vs. Rare Atom LPL Spring Split 2023 Week 3 Betting Preview 2/5/23


There are questions mark how LNG will fare as the spring split continues, whether it will all come together for them or not. They have a high esports ceiling; it’s just a question as to whether or not they can get to that point.

Tarzan and Scout keeping up their form make this team a force to be reckoned with, but if they slow down, the level of this team will go down. Luckily for LNG, they have been firing on all cylinders.

Tarzan and Scout linked up well in their victory over Thunder Talk Gaming (TT), even though TT did not look particularly organized in the series. If Tarzan, Scout, and the rest of LNG can build on the good things, they can break into the top 5.

LNG may struggle against the top tier of teams in the LPL, but luckily, Rare Atom (RA) has not shown that they are a team of that caliber.

Even in their victories, RA has not looked completely convincing. Their series against LGD was an uphill battle until LGD practically handed them the victory. Cube, Leyan, Strive, and Assum are all strong RA players, but their support and mid are still question marks.

Their battle against LNG will be an uphill battle; LNG has a stronger and more well-rounded squad with a higher upside. RA has a struggling mid-lane and support, which LNG could exploit.

Prediction: LNG will beat Rare Atom.

LNG Esports vs. Oh My God (OMG) LPL Spring Split 2023 Week 4 Betting Preview

Oh My God, has recently added ppgod and Munian to their esports squad; the rest of the team remains the same. OMG is a team that can be hot and cold.

Some have also considered Creme to not be at the level required to make it into the world championships. Able and Aki have also shown to be inconsistent. Consistency is important in the LPL, and that is something OMG does not have.

You never know with OMG; they can perform insane performances in one match but look flat in the next. When they are at their best, they can be a top 6 team; you never know with them.

LNG, on the other hand, has reinforced its squad with Scout. Hang, Tarzan, and Scout can push LNG through the Spring split, making LNG a tough opponent.

The biggest question mark about this matchup is whether or not OMG can put on a strong performance. If their roster can be focused, then this clash should be even.

If LNG continues to build on the form of their previous matches, even the best OMG may struggle. The lack of consistency against a team like LNG is not good.

On paper, this matchup should be even, but the form of OMG is the biggest factor in how this goes. That said, LNG should be able to win; their roster is improving with each series as they learn to play together.

Prediction: LNG beats Oh My God.


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