Four Teams Remain in the 2021 LoL WCS | A Closer Look

After an electric quarterfinal stage including the shutout sweep of 3 teams, the semifinal bracket is settled. With the LEC and LCS out of the tournament, only teams from the LCK and LPL remain. The semifinal bracket is as follows.

Match 1

  • T1 v DAMWON Gaming
    • T1 (LCK 4th in Regular Season)
    • DAMWON Gaming (LCK 1st in Regular Season)

Match 2

  • EDward Gaming vs Gen.G Esports
    • EDward Gaming (LPL 2nd in Regular Season)
    • Gen.G Esports (LCK 2nd in Regular Season)

DAMWON Gaming Still Flawless in Semifinals

After a flawless group stage, DWG KIA continue their lossless streak, eliminating the dark horse in MAD Lions. Although their victory is not surprising, the defending champions are on a hot streak. With a record of 9-0 throughout the tournament, DWG KIA are well on their way to the finals; they demonstrated a similar performance last year with a record of 14-3.

Their opening match against MAD Lions was an absolute stomping. With a kill tally of 16-3, the 2020 World Champions handily defeated the LEC’s last hope in just over 29 minutes.

Their second match was much closer. MAD Lions took an early lead, up 15-9 at the 29-minute mark. After seeing DWG KIA start the baron, MAD Lions rotated into the topside river. With a clever combination play from DWG KIA Showmaker’s Azir ultimate and DWG KIA Khan’s Kennan ultimate, the champs made an insane comeback play, trading Showmaker for the entire MAD Lions team and securing the baron.

Using this momentum, DWG KIA set up a similar play and wiped MAD Lions for a second time. With respawn timers too high to counter, DWG KIA stormed the MAD Lions nexus and took the second match in just short of 36 minutes.
In their third and final match up, DWG KIA won in the early game, taking the first two kills of the match. Although MAD Lions picked up some eliminations of their own, DWG KIA’s early momentum spiraled into a nearly 40 minute 32-19 win over the LEC contender.

Gen.G Sweep Cloud9 3-0 in 2021 LoL WCS QFs

Despite not securing a single match, the NA representative put up a serious fight against the #2 team in the LCK. Their first matchup was neck and neck at the 36-minute mark with a 12-11 kill tally in Gen.G’s favor. But, after securing the baron uncontested, Gen.G used the buffs and momentum to storm C9’s nexus and take the game 14-11 at the 42-minute mark.

Perkz 2021 LoL WCS

Their second matchup was not nearly as close. With Gen.G up 7-0 before C9 secured their first kill, the game ended in an abrupt 25 minutes with Gen.G up 19-4 over C9. In their final matchup, things were looking up for C9.

After taking an early lead and holding a 7-4 kill tally over Gen.G for the majority of the game, C9 failed to protect baron after losing the critical team fight that put Gen.G ahead. With momentum from the baron and a 2 kill lead, Gen.G stormed C9’s nexus for one final time and finished the game 17-10, securing their position in the semifinals and destroying any hope for an NA victory.

The semifinals will take place first on October 30th as T1 face the #1 seed in the entire tournament and the defending champions in DWG KIA. They will close on the 31st as Gen.G take on EDward Gaming for a chance to see an LCK final.


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