Over the past couple of years, technology has changed the world in so many ways. The pandemic showcased that technology has its benefits as people were able to go to school and work from home. Technology has also changed the college experience by also bringing gaming to students as it is helping them find different ways to not only find the right school but also help pay some of the expenses universities have.

Due to the global pandemic, collegiate sports and clubs were paused. However, Esports programs in many colleges and even some high schools around the country kept students connected in these tough times.

Esports is getting more and more popular every day as many tournaments and events are getting sponsored by some of the world’s most renowned companies. Sport federations are also looking to get involved as these teams see the potential it could bring to them. Gamers too dedicate their time and energy and some go above and beyond to achieve a challenging goal.


A few years going to school because of esports was not a thing unless students choose majors similar to that to pursue a career. Now colleges and universities implement the esports world in education and some of these schools offer scholarships through the National Association of Collegiate eSports (NCSA). The organization works closely with the esports coaches by providing information and resources to help the students succeed at a very high level.

There are a lot of games that students can try out for including games like Overwatch, Counter-Strike, FIFA, Starcraft, Street Fighter, and many more. A common thing with any school just like most majors at most schools is that students must maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher to be considered for a scholarship. Students will also have to submit an application and a personal letter just like any other college student would do to get into a specific program. 


The scholarships are used to attract the best talent as schools do with athletes. These esports players are also competitive and passionate when compared to collegiate athletes, but like any other sport, these scholarships are offered to the best players.

The players who are competing for a spot on the team will be put through a scrimmage. The coaches will test a player’s communication skills and performance as playing as a unit is very different when compared to playing solo. Another important aspect is a player’s attitude when following instructions from coaches or doing the necessary things to become the leader of the team.

The scholarships offered to differ from school to school as budget is also a factor. Bigger colleges and universities tend to have a bigger budget.  However, the scholarships range from $500-$8,000 as schools like Miami University (Ohio), UC Irvine, and many other schools have a program dedicated to esports.

The esports industry should become more mainstream soon as high schools especially in Texas have club teams or after-school programs that battle for spots in tournaments. More colleges should join the list as they will see the potential of what kind of funding it will bring the school.

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