Dignitas Finalize 2022 LCS Summer Split Roster


After narrowly failing to qualify for the LCS Spring Playoffs, it was made clear that Dignitas would need to make some changes coming into summer if they wanted to be competitive. Luckily, they are no stranger to major roster adjustments. Just this spring their newly-acquired head coach “Enatron” experimented with three new players: including two imports: one from the LEC and the other from the PCS.

His first import signing was SK Gaming’s mid laner “Blue.” Although SK Gaming had a horrible summer performance, their rookie mid laner stood out as a major contributor to their very few wins. And, in traditional eSports fashion, the good players on bad teams are snatched up by another team willing to pay more. His next signing was much more lucrative.

Just three days after signing Blue, Enatron signed PSG Talon’s jungler “River.” River had just come off of a World’s appearance, where, although PSG Talon lost in the group stage, he had shown enough talent to warrant being signed by a stronger region. Dignitas’s last signing was TSM Academy support “Biofrost. Biofrost had previously played for both TSM and CLG, but his performances in the Academy scene were what scored him a role on the Dignitas roster.

Retaining top laner “FakeGod” and ADC “Neo,” this experimental team showed some serious potential; however, their spring split record indicated that perhaps they should’ve explored top laner options as well.

FakeGod, True to His Name

While FakeGod was a top performer for Dignitas in the 2021 summer split, spring was an entirely different beast. With an 8-10 record, Dignitas found themselves in 7th place, ahead of CLG; TSM; and Immortals. With near even records, it is often difficult to diagnose struggles following major roster overhauls. Dignitas, however, had a very clear weakness: the top lane. Comically referred to as “FakeDog” in the LCS stream chat, FakeGod was a consistently poor performer. In fact, in almost every single one of Dignitas’s 10 losses, the opposing team’s lead came from the top lane.

On the contrary, Dignitas found significant leads from River’s plays in the bot lane. Blue had a similarly successful performance, breaking into the conversation of potentially being Third Team All Pro. While Dignitas often found first blood through these two players, most of their losses from these advantageous leads stemmed from lackluster performances on the other side of the map via FakeGod. Unsurprisingly, on April 28th, Dignitas announced the release of FakeGod.

The Return of Gamsu

Needing to fill the vacancy left by FakeGod, Dignitas needed to explore domestic options, as both of their import slots were filled by River and Blue. Unfortunately, every team except Cloud9 retained their top laner. While C9’s top laner won LCS Spring MVP, his contract buyout, horrible playoff performances, and import status made an acquisition by Dignitas highly unlikely. Instead, Dignitas invested in a familiar face: Gamsu.

In the academy scene, Gamsu was the highlight of many incredible top lane plays. And while the LCS Academy doesn’t select All-Pro teams, he clearly would have been on at least one of them. With 100 Thieves Academy, Gamsu was the The LCS Proving Grounds Runner-Up, narrowly losing to Team Liquid Academy in the finals (2-3).

While his standout performances were a major part of his consideration for the Dignitas starting role, Gamsu had previously started for Dignitas back in 2014. Although the game has changed drastically since then, his amicable relationship with the organization likely played a factor in his acquisition.

With a complete roster addressing their most obvious shortcomings, Dignitas look to rebound from their “playoff-less” spring split and move up the LCS standings. The LCS Summer Split opens with a super week, a 15-game weekend, you won’t want to miss. Tune in on June 17th to see how Dignitas new top laner performs on his return to the big stage.


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