DarkZero and Respawn Partner Up

DarkZero and Respawn Partner Up

DarkZero and Respawn Partner Up: Esports organization DarkZero Esports teamed up with RESPAWN Products and signed a one-year deal with them. RESPAWN Products will now be DarkZero’s gaming furniture provider. They will provide desks and chairs for the organization’s 8,000 sq. ft. facility in Las Vegas.

James Deasey, RESPAWN Partnership Manager, spoke on the partnership in a release: “We at RESPAWN Products are excited to be working alongside one of the premier organizations in Rainbow Six Siege, DarkZero Esports.

“Tommy and the team at DarkZero have the drive and passion to continue to grow their brand exponentially, and that is something that aligns with our goals as well at team RESPAWN. As of today, RESPAWN Products is #GoingDark.”

Tommy Padula, Head of Partnerships at DarkZero, also commented: “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with the battle-tested ergonomic gaming furniture brand of the future, RESPAWN Products. It’s important for us at DarkZero to provide our athletes with top of the line equipment to perform at their best.

“Through partnering with RESPAWN, we are making good on that promise. We are also excited to provide value and engage with our fans through product giveaways and sweepstakes. Looking forward to growing with our founding partners!”

The facility is home to the organization’s training and practice area, player rooms, and content creation. DarkZero moved from Houston to Las Vegas when Ubisoft made Vegas the focal point for North American R6.

Respawn will have furniture throughout the whole facility and player rooms so the brand will be seen on player’s streams and on team content.

“By outfitting the entire facility, we’re going to be able to activate in a way we weren’t able to before,” Padula said. He also plans to host live events at the facility when it becomes a safer time to do so.

“A big initiative for RESPAWN this year was to expand our brand into other markets and other games,” said RESPAWN partnership manager James Deasey.

“DarkZero has such a huge, stronghold on the Rainbow Six community and on the Rainbow Six game itself, we saw that our initiatives really aligned with them because as we want to get into a new space, we want to be able to make a huge splash. Working with DarkZero…everything just made sense to us.”


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