CLG Fall From First, FlyQuest Stun Cloud9: LCS Week 3 Review

LCS week 3

LCS Week 3 (League of Legends Championship Series) dramatically shook up the leaderboard; the standings of every team, except Evil Geniuses (who retain first place), have been affected by the outcomes of this week’s matches. While the current standings are not a direct indicator of who the best teams in the LCS are, they are a good measure of the skill levels of different “cohorts” of the LCS.

Take Evil Geniuses for example. The reigning champions currently hold sole control over first place. While other teams like Team Liquid and 100 Thieves are thought to be some of the best in the league, any analyst will tell you that Evil Geniuses are the team to beat. Now looking at those aforementioned top teams, TL and 100T are the echelon below EG: the teams you’re going to need to upset to secure a World’s 2022 spot.

While these metrics aren’t a guaranteed reflector of the end-of-split results, they do support most early predictions for the best teams in the LCS. They should, however, be taken with a grain of salt, as they are early predictions. Although the bottom teams likely won’t drastically improve over the coming weeks, anyone in the top six could realistically climb to the top three by the end of the split.

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Speculations aside, let’s take a look at the standings in the aftermath of this week’s matches.

  1. Evil Geniuses (6-1)
  2. 100 Thieves (5-2)
  3. Team Liquid (5-2)
  4. Counter Logic Gaming (4-3)
  5. FlyQuest (4-3)
  6. Cloud9 (3-4)
  7. Golden Guardians (3-4)
  8. TSM (2-5)
  9. Dignitas (2-5)
  10. Immortals (1-6)

LCS Week 3 CLG: “Course Correction” Logic Gaming

It’s official, CLG are not a serious threat to the top teams in the LCS. Although they looked quite dangerous following their upset victory over Evil Geniuses, CLG’s hot streak is over and they’re starting to fall to the middle of the pack: a much more appropriate standing considering the individual skill levels of their players.

After finishing week 2 with a 4-1 record, CLG was tied for first place alongside Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid going into LCS week 3. The fact that they had amounted any wins was already shocking, so for the developmental roster to find themselves at the top of the LCS was more than enough to warrant questions about their successes.

A surface-level inspection of their strategies and schedule revealed CLG’s two key factors to success: an advanced read on the meta and an early-centric strength of schedule.

In other words, CLG’s drafting around Senna, Seraphine, and a combination of the two have shown to be quite successful. Because neither were high priority bans, CLG’s coaches were easily able to acquire at least one of these champions, and build a reliable draft around them.

At the same time, CLG did not face a top five team (based on spring standings) until their fourth match versus FlyQuest (spring 5th place): a match which they were handily defeated. One caveat to this early-centric strength of schedule, however, was their next match.

In their fifth match of LCS Week 3, CLG faced off against EG, and became the first and only team to beat the incumbent champions since their lower bracket spring playoffs run. While CLG played very well in this matchup, even managing to come back from an elder and baron buffed EG rushing their nexus, they seemed to have peaked as they have been unable to pick up a win against a top five team since.

Having only played top five teams since this matchup—Team Liquid and Cloud9 this weekend (who both handily defeated them)—it would be difficult to make the case that CLG is a top contender. There is undoubtedly still time for CLG to rebound; however they will more than likely end the split in either 5th or 6th place.

FlyQuest to the Moon!

On a more exciting note, FlyQuest pulled off an incredible upset and went 2-0 this weekend. Prior to CLG, FlyQuest was the last team to win against Evil Geniuses before they won the LCS. This year, they have continued to be a dominating force in the LCS. In spring, FlyQuest was the cutoff for the top five teams; coming in fifth last split, the environmentally-friendly organization established the skill level LCS week 3 teams needed in order to be title contenders.

This split, however, it appears they are raising the bar. While their opening two weeks were lackluster—they were 2-3 going into week three—FlyQuest was elite this weekend. Drastically outperforming their opponents, FlyQuest dismantled C9, shutting down their three-game win streak.

In just over 30 minutes, FlyQuest managed to accrue a nearly 12,000 gold lead; four drakes; elder drake; baron; and all of C9’s turrets in the top and mid lane. While this is already a spectacular feat, given the difficulty of conquering all of these objectives,what is even more impressive is that they managed all of this while giving up two turrets and two kills in the process.

It might be too early to call; however, FlyQuest will likely once again be between the cutoff for the best teams in the LCS this split too. While a dominant win over an elite team like Cloud9 might raise questions about whether or not FlyQuest could be ranked higher, their inconsistency—having given Immortals their only win this split—makes it difficult to see them performing at a high level for all of their remaining matches this split.

With FlyQuest on the rise and CLG coming down, things are getting spicy for the middle-of-the-pack teams. While this split is turning out to be one of the most competitive splits to date, I should remind you that there will be no LCS next weekend (July 9th-10th).

Riot is mandating a break for all of their competitive leagues to give their professional players much needed rest and prevent burnout and fatigue. To see where your favorite team lines up against the best North America has to offer, be sure you don’t miss when the LCS returns at 4:30pm EST on July 16th.


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