CDL Stage V Tournament Begins on Thursday, Last One Before 2021 Championship

CDL Stage V

This is the final week of the 2021 season before the Championship in August, let’s take a look at what to expect in this action-packed four days of gameplay at CDL Stage V. 

CDL Stage V Week 3 Stage 5 Recap

In the final week of Stage 5, many matches went exactly how they were projected to be with almost little to zero upsets throughout the week. This also marked the last week that there will be online tournaments, with the hopes of moving to LAN in this tournament and the championship.

Paris Legion versus New York Subliners – New York wins 3-2

Both of these teams split the Hardpoint matches as New York won Garrison 250-244, and Paris won Apocalypse 250-124. Paris had won the first Search and Destroy mode 6-5 on Moscow, and New York won the only Control match 3-1 on Garrison as well. The final match came down to another Search and Destroy on Standoff, where New York absolutely dominated, winning 6-1.

London Royal Ravens versus Optic Chicago – Chicago wins 3-0

In a match that everyone expected the heavily favored Optic Chicago team to win, they did that and then some. Absolute dominance from the start as they began the sweep with a 250-204 win in Hardpoint on Raid. Then they won a close Search and Destroy match on Moscow, 6-4. To close it off and complete the sweep they won Control on Raid again 3-2. 

Florida Mutineers versus Toronto Ultra – Toronto wins 3-1

Toronto jumped out to an early 1-0 lead by taking the first Hardpoint match on Raid, 214-202. Florida then answered back by winning narrowly in Search and Destroy on Standoff 6-5. Toronto then won the next 2 games, 3-2 in Control on Garrison and 250-137 in Hardpoint on Raid again, to close out the match.

Seattle Surge versus Dallas Empire – Dallas wins 3-0

A massive shocker to the home team Seattle, they were absolutely dominated from the jump. Dallas won 250-168 in Hardpoint on the raid, 6-3 in Search and Destroy on Standoff and 3-2 in Control on Garrison. 

London Royal Ravens versus Paris Legion – London wins 3-2

This match started off with London jumping to a very quick 2-0 lead. They won 250-136 in Hardpoint on Checkmate, and 6-5 in Search and Destroy on Garrison. Paris would not go out that easy, they won the next two matches. 3-2 in Control on Raid, and 250-169 in Hardpoint on Apocalypse. It would come down to a final match of Search and Destroy on Miami, London would win 6-5 and give themselves the bye in the eliminated bracket for the Major. 

Florida Mutineers versus Minnesota Rokkr – Minnesota wins 3-0

Minnesota absolutely dominated this match and it was never close for Florida. They won 250-146 in Hardpoint on Garrison, 6-5 in Search and Destroy on Moscow, and closed it out with a 3-0 win in Control on Garrison. This match win gives Minnesota a spot in the Winners bracket for the Major.

Los Angeles Thieves versus Optic Chicago – Los Angeles wins 3-2

Los Angeles looked completely out of it after just 2 rounds, they were playing awful and were not able to get any sort of momentum against Chicago. Chicago took a commanding 2-0 lead by winning 250-72 in Hardpoint on Moscow and 6-1 in Search and Destroy on Express. But Los Angeles found a spark in the Control match where they would win 3-1 and stave off elimination. They would then go on to win the next 2 games and complete the full comeback. 250-196 in Hardpoint on Checkmate and 6-3 in Search and Destroy on Moscow.

Seattle Surge versus Los Angeles Guerrillas – Seattle wins 3-0

After being swept by Dallas earlier in the week, Seattle had a redemption game and was able to dominate the worst team in the league. They won 250-108 in Hardpoint on Apocalypse, 6-2 in Search and Destroy on Moscow and 3-0 in Control on Garrison.

New York Subliners versus Atlanta Faze – Atlanta wins 3-0

The best team in the league right now showed exactly why, dominating New York in a quick 3-0 fashion. Atlanta won 250-107 in Hardpoint on Checkmate, 6-1 in Search and Destroy on Express and 3-0 in Control on Garrison. This moves Atlanta into the winners’ bracket of the Major.

Toronto Ultra versus Dallas Empire – Dallas wins 3-1

In the last match of the week, Dallas was able to withstand the late pushes from Toronto throughout. Dallas won 250-231 in Hardpoint on Raid, 6-4 in Search and Destroy on Express, but lost 3-2 in Control on Raid. They quickly bounced back and clinched the win with a 250-216 win in Hardpoint on Garrison.

CDL Stage V Schedule

Winners Bracket:

Toronto Ultra versus Los Angeles ThievesShould be a great matchup here, I think that Toronto will continue their success from the previous week and get the win. Winner faces Optic Chicago in round 2.

Atlanta Faze versus Minnesota Rokkr 

Arguably the two best teams this past stage, I think Atlanta has nothing to lose here and will play a bit more riskier, giving Minnesota a sneak win. The winner will face Dallas in round 2.


New York Subliners versus Los Angeles Guerrillas

Los Angeles has been absolutely garbage this season, and I think that they have no chance in any tournament. New York should take this easily and face off against Florida in round 2.

Seattle Surge versus Paris Legion

I don’t want to discredit Seattle’s success in the last week, but they did get swept by the winners and swept the worst team in the league. I think Paris has been more consistent and can easily take this win. They should move on and face off against the London Royal Ravens in round 2.

With the Major V tournament determining seedings in the Championship, so many teams have a lot to play for here, while some are just trying to boost their morale heading into the next season. It should be fun to watch all the matches this weekend. 


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