Esports have begun to become very popular across the entire world. With teams forming, tournaments happening weekly if not daily there is action going on all the time whether you are playing, watching, or even gambling. Some of the top video games to bet on include, Madden, NBA 2K, Fifa, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and League of Legends to name a few.

Esports betting might not be as popular as betting on professional teams that are playing the sports, but esports betting opens up an entirely new world of betting. Esports has gotten so big that professional teams and players are competing for serious amounts of money and the competitions are fantastic.

Where Can You Bet on Esports

Betting on esports has not officially entered some of the larger markets and remains only on offshore sportsbooks or illegal sportsbooks. With the emergence of esports, esports leagues, and esports tournaments it is hard to imagine it will take long before legal sportsbooks begin to offer esports betting on their platforms.

In some states betting on esports is illegal while betting on sports is legal. As states continue to legalize sports betting, betting on esports is sure to soon hit the Government.

What is Esports Betting

Esports betting is much different than normal sports betting as it offers a variety of different factors that end up coming into play. When wagering on esports it is always good to do a little research into who is playing on the computer or holding the controller in their hands.

Unlike professional sports, you cannot just say, “Oh the Lakers are playing the Magic, I’m going to take the Lakers they are the better team,” because it depends more on who is physically playing the game than just the teams. In many of the esports games that are offered on sportsbooks most of the players are professional and experienced.

Something that separates esports betting from betting on professional sports is the fact that esports competitions and games can take place literally 24/7. Now some of these competitions will not be as big as others, but people play video games at all times of the day and video game characters do not need rest as professional athletes for example need.

Simulation Betting

Something that became very big during quarantine during Covid-19 when businesses were shut down and people were told to stay home is wagering on simulations. Mainly simulation betting is offered for sports esports and seemingly anything can happen.

Video game simulations can be very frustrating as there is no player with control as the computer is playing the full game. Simulations bets offer most of the same wager types as professional sport betting with options such as money line, spread, team total, and total to name a few.

What to Bet On

With competitions and tournaments for some of the most popular esports taking place, it may be better to bet on more important esport competitions rather than more meaningless exhibitions. Major tournaments and competitions for the most part will be streamed on platforms such as Twitch allowing you to watch the competition.

Twitch is by far the most popular esports streaming platform that has streamers for almost any game playing and some of the best professional gamers playing.

Typically just watching esports can be very entertaining, but once you end up having money on the competition, and is even more engaging. Also for esports games take far less time compared to actual sporting events.

If you bet on sports video game esports quarters and halves take much less time and you can learn the results of your wager in under 10 minutes depending on the competition.