Battle Royale Program

Battle Royale Program

While I’m not sure exactly which number Battle Royale Program we are on, this has to be one of the best they have dropped. As the cycle of content is coming to an end and San Diego Studios will begin putting more effort into the new game for next year, we have to celebrate these final moments.

Let’s take a look at the two new rewards that you get at 90 and 100 points. We can also take a look at the schedule going forward.

George Foster

At 90 points into the program, the first reward card you will receive is 99 overall left fielder George Foster from the Cincinnati Red. This card is a moments card based on his 1977 season where he hit 50 home runs. Immediately we know that this card is going to have awesome power if it is built off of a home run card.

Foster’s hitting attributes read 110 contact and 120 power against righties, with 109 contact and 125 power against lefties. This card immediately becomes one of the best right-handed bats in the game. Another great feature of this card is his ability to play defense, receiving an 88 defensive rating. If there was one negative to this card, it would be the 52 speed, limiting him to corner outfield spots only.

Corey Kluber

The newest flawless card is the 99 overall starting pitcher Corey Kluber from the Cleveland Indians. This card is another moments card based on a single game he pitched in 2015 where he struck out 18 players. Again, we know immediately this card is going to have great movement and great K/9, without even looking at the stats of the card.

This card has one of the best five-pitch mixes in the game with sinker, cutter, slurve, four-seam, and changeup. What is nice about this card is he has pitches that break inside and outside to both sides of the plate. He also has great H/9 and K/9, with 114 H/9 and 122 K/9. If there was any negative to this card it would be his lack of velocity, which in Kluber’s defense, he does not throw that hard in real life.


Both of these cards are must-haves from a competitive side of things. Even if Foster is not someone you want to keep in the outfield, he will be a great bench bat. Kluber may become the best pitcher in the game as he parallels and can increase his velocity a little bit.

Remember these cards are attainable simply by playing the mode. There are several challenges that you can complete that will boost your points, but overall, the easiest way to get to 100 points is to try and find a way to go 12-0.

Looking to the future, there will be a new 9th inning program dropping this Friday, followed by Team Affinity season five. Hopefully, the content will finish strong and players will remember that instead of the gameplay struggles that are occurring. Make sure to check back in at for all of your esports new. Happy Grinding!


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