Evil Geniuses Dominate LCS All-Pro Team; 2022 LCS Summer Split Awards Overview

LCS Summer Split Awards

With the regular season finished and playoffs well underway, the 2022 LCS Summer Split Awards have kicked off to recognize the best players of the 2022 Spring/Summer season. Announced annually following the conclusion of the Summer Split, the LCS Summer Split Awards aim to give credit to outstanding players and coaches across the year and the Summer Split.

There are seven different awards given out each year including the three All Pro Teams, Most Valuable Player (MVP), FTX Most Improved Player (MIP), Rookie of the Year (ROY), and Coaching Staff of the Split.

Similar awards to the LCS Summer Split awards are given out in Spring, including the MVP, Coaching Staff, and All-Pro teams; however, the Rookie of the Year and MIP are the year-long awards that recognize development even if the team or player underperforms in the first split.
All-Pro or All-EG?

While some of the Summer Split awards are still awaiting announcement, this year’s All-Pro teams and ballots have been published. Similar to the LEC’s 4:1 split where one team dominates the First Team, Evil Geniuses have taken over the LCS. Although 100 Thieves are hot on their heels in the standings, EG dominated the regular season and are many viewers’ predictions to win it all in the Championship.

This split’s All-Pro Teams are as follows:

First Team All-Pro
Top: 100T Ssumday
Jungle: EG Inspired
Mid: EG jojopyun
ADC: EG Danny
Support: EG Vulcan

Second Team All-Pro
Top: EG Impact
Jungle: 100T Closer
Mid: TL Bjergsen
ADC: C9 Berserker
Support: TL CoreJJ

Third Team All-Pro
Top: TL Bwipo
Jungle: TL Santorin
Mid: FLY toucouille
Support: 100T huhi

Similar to the 2022 Spring LCS Awards, in the LCS Summer Split awards, only one team has all of their players on any of the three All-Pro teams. Unlike in Spring, where Team Liquid reigned supreme, it is the Evil Geniuses that dominate this time around. That is not to say that no other team was close. As in Spring (and the Summer Split), 100T is just a step behind.

With four of their players making an All-Pro team, only Abbedagge—for the second time this year—is left without an award. 100T is not the four-man showing. Team Liquid has also taken over the remainder of the board. Everyone except Hans sama received an award for their Summer performances. The only other teams to win awards (ahead of 100T Abbedagge and TL Hans sama) were Cloud9 with Berserker and FlyQuest with toucouille.

What Else is on the Table?

As of right now, only the All-Pro teams have been announced. The other four awards are scheduled to be announced as playoffs continue, with all but the MVP award slated to be published before September.

The Coaching Staff of the Split and FTX MIP awards will be announced on August 24th and August 31st, respectively. Despite not being public, these awards are almost assuredly going to CLG and one of their players. Ascending from 8th in Spring to a title-contending 4th in Summer, the CLG roster has leveled up dramatically.

Having only adjusted their top laner with the addition of Dhokla from the academy scene, CLG has managed to reach a level of performance their organization has not seen since the early days of the LCS.

Although Dhokla himself is ineligible for the award due to its conditions requiring more participation in the LCS that he had, both Palafox and Contractz are great candidates for the MIP. Contractz, who was regularly underperforming in Spring, has improved tremendously to become one of CLG’s best players and is the primary reason behind the league-leading 3:25 (3 minutes and 25 second) first blood average.

Similarly, Palafox has been performing out of his mind in the mid lane this year. In their shocking win over Team Liquid in Week 5, Palafox destroyed the most consistent mid laner in the league in TL’s Bjergsen. While Bjergsen is the biggest name he has obliterated in lane, Palafox has consistently shown that he can compete with the best mids in the league despite being rather mediocre in Spring.

The two remaining awards, ROY and MVP, will be announced on August 24th and September 9th, respectively. While the ROY is under heavy contest between multiple players including C9 Berserker, EG jojopyun, and FLY toucouille (to name a few), it will more than likely go to jojopyun who has shown top-notch performances across the year.

The MVP will likely also go to an EG player. Inspired, the 2021 LEC Summer MVP, will become the first player in League of Legends history to earn an MVP Award in more than one region. Although Ssumday—for the second split in a row—is mentioned as a runner up, he will once again fall just short of MVP status because of Inspired’s unmatched dominance.

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